Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Niuland district admn suspends site permits

Niuland deputy commissioner (DC) Ajit Kumar Verma has suspended all site permits with immediate effect and directed all permit holders to surrender their site permits to the DC office at the earliest for examination and necessary proceeding in the matter.
In an order, he further prohibited any sale/purchase/gift of the permits and said such transactions if any should be considered null and void. The order noted that several site permits had been issued without any proper survey/verification of the sites and due approval from the competent authority within and around the premises of erstwhile additional deputy commissioner’s office, GA Rest House/quarters and other district administration buildings at Niuland town.
The district administration being the nerve centre of the government machinery at the district level, the DC stated that the locations of the government premises were not only strategically crucial in terms of security and maintenance of law and order in district, but also reflected the face of the government machinery. Therefore, he ruled that such government premises required top priority in maintenance of security, safety, sanctity, privacy and keeping it free from any type of encumbrance, encroachments and hindrances.
However, he observed that rampant mushrooming of private buildings due to random issuance of site permits and illegal construction was not only causing hindrances to proper maintenance and future development, but also posing a potential threat to the security, safety, sanctity and privacy of the government premises.
With the upgrade of Niuland as the 14th district of Nagaland, the DC said there was an urgent need to ensure that the existing government land, especially the crucial locations of the government premises, were free from all type of encroachments and encumbrances for proper development of Niuland town as a full-fledged district headquarter.
As per the condition No.02 of the Site Permit/Agreement, he specified that the government was empowered to take back the government land allotted under such site permits as and when necessity arose as it read “The Government will take over the land duly allotted to the individual basing on the necessity for government purposes. But no alternative site shall be allotted except in some special category”.
And after careful examination of the scenario and consultative meeting conducted with relevant stakeholders in the matter, the DC said he was satisfied that the necessity had arisen to take over such government land issued under the site permits to maintain the security, safety, sanctity, privacy and proper development of such government premises.


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