Friday, March 24, 2023

NJCF concerned over safety of Christians

Taking serious note of the recent vandalization of a Church in Punjab, the Nagaland Joint Christian Forum (NJCF) said the incident has once again raised an alarm that Christians are never secure in the hands of the majority.
In a statement, NJCF vice president Rev. Dr. N. Paphino wondered why has the nation become so intolerant to people of other faith? Pointing out that India has always taken pride in her size as the world most populous democracy in the world, NJCF, however, said this was turning out to be a threat to the religious minorities in the big nation. “The uncontrolled element fuelled by certain religious fanatics in the country has emboldened certain scrupulous groups to create restless and unsafe situations across the nation,” he said.
While appreciating Punjab chief minister for reassuring the people by proclaiming that a probe has been initiated into the “highly condemnable” incident, NJCF demanded justice and to restore peace of mind and assurance to the Christian community and other minority groups that “we matter to the nation as much as the majority.”
NJCF said that hate crimes in the country against religious minorities have always a labelled as false report and a conspiracy while the authority “usually explain their way out”.
“There is an undercurrent movement to destroy the secular spirit in the country. Only when the authority takes what has happen seriously as a threat to the nation then, confidence and insecurity feelings of the minorities will be restored and the nation will move forward,” NJCF stated.
The forum called upon people of different religious traditions and faith in India to live in peace.


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