Friday, March 24, 2023

NJCF says forum not part of newly launched NECF

Drawing attention to reports in social media about formation of North East Christian Forum (NECF) in Guwahati on November 20, the Nagaland Joint Christian Forum (NJCF) has clarified that the forum was not part of NECF.
In a statement, NJCF vice president Rev. Dr. N. Paphino said that NECF may have been formed without the Church leaders in the region. “Though the intention of the formation is not known, one can safely assume that it is done by certain group of people who are not part of any of the forum in the region,” he said.
NJCF further clarified and placed on record that NECF is neither part of the United Christian Forum of North East India (UCFNEI).
NJCF said individuals cannot just form a forum for their own “religio-socio-politico agenda”.
Though the theme of the formation of the forum– “Call to Oneness” was beautiful in presentation, NJCF said it “can also be divisive in nature”. This aspect was clearly portrayed in the personalities and dignitaries who took the stage to address the call to unity, the forum said.
Further, NJCF said that the word “Christian” was used to confuse the region where the Church remain strong and united.
The forum reminded that the church in the region had been recently blamed, as being instrumental in false conversion, by those trying to suppress freedom of religion and expression of faith. However, the forum said it was unfortunate that the very mechanism and authority who were supposed to be defending the rights of the citizens in the region were creating confusion and “playing the double standard tactics”.
“On the eve of the formation they remain silent to the false accusation and what right do they possess to form a forum calling for unity?” NJCF questioned.
It also reminded that UCFNEI compromising of all the major religious body had issued a strong statement against the “false allegations” of false conversion labelled against the region.
At this time of confusion, NJCF urged the leaders of the region to come out clean rather than “trying to appease the people with the hidden agenda of the big brothers” who are trying to suppress the diversity of socio-religio fabric of the region.
The strength of the region lies not in unity and oneness alone but in diversity and respect, it said.
Meanwhile, NJCF made known to the churches that the formation of North East Christian Forum had failed to take the church into confidence and have created more confusion than solve the pertinent issues facing the region.
Since it was wrongly motivated, NJCF urged upon the Church to remain alert, cautioning that in the name of the forum the church would be divided in the region.


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