Friday, January 27, 2023

NLF demands PR for Naga political solution

A newly formed plank comprising of leaders and former legislators and others was formed under the banner of ‘Like Minded Naga Leaders’ Forum’ (LMNLF) which has demanded imposition of President’s Rule in Nagaland to accord priority towards solution to decades-old Naga political issue instead of elections.
This was the decision made by the LMNLF at a meeting of the forum held in Dimapur on Tuesday, stated Hukavi Zhimomi the forum convener. He also said that the leaders at the meeting noted that things were complex while Nagaland has again been placed at a crossroad and hence solution to the Naga issue was the answer and not elections.
According to the convenor of LMNLF, a leader at the meeting had categorically stated that Nagas want solution “now and urgently” but negotiating parties were not ready. He also said there was “no unanimity between New Delhi and Naga organisations.” Also no decision has been taken over the demand for statehood by ENPO, he said. Therefore, in the light of these, LMNLF maintained that President’s Rule should be imposed as it was the “only viable option.”
The leader also alleged that the present government was not performing well and the Central government and Naga negotiating parties had also not reached any consensus to sign a peace agreement. Hence, he concluded that it would be appropriate to have the State government dismissed and Nagaland placed under President’s Rule. He claimed that Nagaland was not ready for election besides, it would also not serve any purpose.
He also cited the stand of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee president K Therie who has also demanded imposition of President’s Rule in the State.
According to Hukavi, those who participated at the meeting included C Apok Jamir, and Ralanthung Yanthan. All the participants felt that the demand of Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) for statehood due to lack of development and welfare measures in ENPO region was genuine.
They also expressed support to ENPO demand “in principle” as “some people in power had ignored the region and so the people had every right to ventilate their grievances.” The LMNLF however, reiterated that it was not in favour of division of Nagaland. They also opined that the issues raised by ENPO , particularly the issue of corruption by those responsible should be looked into.
It may be recalled that during a closed-door meeting held in Dimapur in August last year, around 35 ex-parliamentarians, candidates, some sitting legislators, retired bureaucrats and young politicians had contemplated on floating a new party with the objective of forming the next government in the State. After recognising the need to throw an alternative to the present set up, the group had decided to work together to contest the ensuing 2023 election either by joining a political party or forming a new one so as to prevent a cake walk in 2023 for the present NDPP-BJP alliance.

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