Tuesday, January 31, 2023

NMA concerned over ban on Mao community

Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has expressed concern over the ongoing ban by Southern Angami Youth Organisation (SAYO) on people from Mao community.
NMA was hopeful that the verdict by Tenyimi People’s Organisation Board of Arbitrators would resolve the land dispute issue and enable the blockade to be lifted. However, with the inability of Southern Angami Public Organisation to accept the decision, the unfortunate harassment of Mao travellers coming home continued, it noted. NMA said it was aware that land ownership was an emotive issue that could be resolved only by the presence of elders from respective communities with knowledge of traditional boundaries. “We have our own traditional system of procedures in claiming ownership through the solemn oath-taking ritual which has always been the last resort for truth to be told,” it said. NMA urged SAPO to lift the ban in the true spirit of being family as well as Christmas peace and resolve differences between themselves, greatly respecting elders who were still alive with age-old knowledge of lands and boundaries.
It also appealed to Southern Angami Women Organisation leaders to intervene as mothers for peace and a storehouse of wisdom and sagacity for their children.
ZCM&N rejects verdict
Zelu Council Manipur & Nagaland (ZCM&N) has rejected the December 19 decision of Tenyimi Peoples’ Organization (TPO) vis-à-vis forest land dispute at Kezoltsa/ Kozürü/ Hezing and Dzükou/ Meiko Rezai kam.
ZCM&N, through its media cell, claimed that Ze-Mnui (Yangkhullen), which shared a major portion of the forest area, was sidelined as stakeholders even after substantiated documents/ position paper being submitted to the TPO office. “Any judgement/verdict ignoring the rights of the stakeholder shall be strongly opposed.

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