Tuesday, February 7, 2023

NNQF reacts to ANCSU statement

In a rejoinder to All Nagaland College Student Union (ANCSU) statement urging the Higher Education department to resolve the issue concerning contract teachers, the Nagaland NET Qualified Forum (NNQF) pointed that there was some “ambiguity” in their demand
NNQF asked ANCSU if it was of the opinion that “solving the issue” meant regularization of the contractual assistant professors?
If so, NNQF said there was absence of meritocracy in ANCSU’s demand, claiming that most of them were not recruited through the Nagaland Public Service Commission– Common Educational Services Examination (NPSC-CESE).
Pointing out that this has created two issues, NNQF said first, they have misguided their own college student members all over Nagaland, by denoting that there was no place for meritocracy and also displayed disrespect to the institutions that conduct the recruitment process for open and fair competition to select the best educators for quality education in Nagaland.
NNQF, therefore, asked what would be the point of their education, exams and degrees then?
Secondly, the unio said that their primary demand was in contradiction with their other demand for non-continuation of the contractual teaching services in the Higher Education department.
The forum also reminded ANCSU of its statement that they “will not allow” such services from the next academic session except on exigency basis. Therefore, NNQF asked what would be the guarantee that they will not support such contractual appointments in the future?
While stating that NNQF had been fighting for open and fair competition since 2018, the forum said it had also publicly expressed disappointment on Higher Education minister’s speech during the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly on the issue of regularizing the 154 contractual assistant professors’ posts.
Therefore, NNQF said ANCSU continued its support for contractual assistant professors and mentioned the speech to buttress their demand.
It further said that NNQF has been pursuing a court case against these contractual appointments on the basis of their mode of recruitment.
The forum also noted that the contractual appointments were extended on exigency basis and further subjected to direct recruitment through the NPSC. These appointments, it said has violated the June 6, 2016 Office Memorandum, which has banned contractual appointments.
It remined of the August 3, 2018 judgement and order, passed in the case filed by ACAUT and PSAN against the backdoor appointments, which stated that “any appointments made without advertisement and regularization (of such posts) is not only unconstitutional but also null and void.”
In the name of students’ welfare and well-being, the forum alleged that certain questionable practices under the Higher Education department were not only getting support from such distinct organizations, but also zealously being fought for.
The forum also pointed out that in its September 23, 2022 representation to Higher Education minister, it had requested for condonation of age for the contractual teachers so that they could also be given chance to prove themselves through a fair and open competition.
Therefore, NNQF said it was firm on its stand and discouraged regularization of contractual assistant professors under the Higher Education department.

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