Saturday, December 10, 2022

No proof of EVM tampering: CEO Nagaland

Clarifying the misconceptions regarding the misuse or tampering of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Nagaland, V. Shashank Shekhar said till today there was no “real proof”.
“Rumours and misconceptions regarding the misuse or tampering of EVMs cropped up but till today, we find that there is no real proof,” said Shekhar.
He then encouraged the administrative officer as nodal officers for EVMs and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail system (VVPATs) to clarify the doubts of the electors in case such false allegations/ rumours crop up. If necessary, CEO Nagaland asked the officers to take legal action against the person/ persons spreading rumours.
In a press release, CEO Nagaland office informed that Shekhar was addressing district nodal officers of EVMs and VVPATs during the hands-on training on EVMs at Tapi Hall, Japfu Hotel Kohima, Thursday.
The CEO Nagaland also stressed that the introduction of EVMs and VVPATs for elections are good initiatives by the Election Commission of India. He also informed the officers that protocol should be followed while handling the Electronic Voting Machines and VVPATs.
Resource person for the hands-on training was, deputy CEO and state EVM nodal officer, R. Mhathung gave a presentation on EVM/ VVPAT-technical and administrative procedures; EVMs and VVPATs operational and handling instructions; training and awareness of EVMs and VVPATs and hands-on demonstration on EVMs and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail system .
District administrations publish e-roll draft
District administrations have informed draft photo electoral roll has been prepared and published for all assembly constituency.
According to a DIPR report, DCs/DEOs/ADC/EROs have informed that the electoral roll has been prepared following the Registration of Electors Rules, 1960. The qualifying date for the preparation of the electoral roll is January 1, 2023.
DCs/DEOs/ADC/EROs said that if concerning the above-said qualifying date, there be any claim for the inclusion of a name in the roll or any objection to the inclusion of a name or any objection to particulars in any entry, it should be lodged on or before December 8, 2022 in Form 6, 7, or 8 as may be appropriate.
It has been informed that every such claim or objection should either be presented to the concerned office or the booth level officers or sent by post to the address given below to reach the office no later than the aforesaid date.
Further, DCs/DEOs/ADC/EROs have informed that an eligible citizen, who is going to attain the age of eighteen years on any of the subsequent qualifying dates in the year 2023, that is to say, April 1, 2023, July 1, 2020 and October 1, 2023, may also file his or her claim for inclusion of his or her name in the role, in Form-6, in advance, starting from the date of the notice, and the same shall be considered and decided in the respective quarter of the year concerning the respective qualifying date.
Mokokchung: ADC and ERO Mokokchung has informed electors of all the 10 constituencies of Mokokchung district that the electoral roll has been prepared and made available for inspection at the office of ADC & ERO, Mokokchung, and every designated location/polling station during office hour.
Tseminyu: ADC and ERO Tseminyu has informed that the electoral roll has been prepared and a copy thereof is available for inspection at the office and polling station during office hours.
Mon: Electoral roll draft publication was conducted at the Conference Hall of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Mon off, Thursday under the chairmanship of DC and DEO Mon, Ajit Kumar Verma.
Speaking at the programme, the DC encouraged checking the doubtful list and urged everyone to put effort to clean the e-roll to have a clean election. He said “unclean” e-roll would also create problems and tensions during the election.
He further advised the party members to utilize the supervisors and BLOs so that every eligible member is enrolled in the list.
The draft publication session was attended by all political parties in the district.
Shamator: A programme for draft publication of the electoral roll was conducted at the office of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Shamator, and the draft E-Roll was subsequently handed over to all political parties and BLOs by DC & DEO, Thsuvisie Phoji.
A programme on “Chunav Pathsala” was also organized in Shamator Polling Station by the district administration headed by SDO & ERO Shamator, Bodi Kapfo.

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