Saturday, February 4, 2023

NOA issues criteria for optical shops

Underlining the urgent need for regulation of optical trade, the Nagaland Optometric Association (NOA) has issued criteria for existing and upcoming Opticals in the state, which would come into immediate effect.
In a press release, NOA stated that optical shops in Nagaland were presently registered and managed by municipal and trade bodies, but the quality of the human resources running them were mostly found to be unreliable.
NOA said that those unprofessional persons were seen dispensing wrong powered glasses and even fitting medical devices without proper knowledge and training. Further, NOA said that several optical shops were coming up in the state and some cases of quacks were also found.NOA has, therefore, informed that all upcoming Opticals shops/clinics must be owned and managed by Eye Care practitioners (Ophthalmologist, Optometrist and Ophthalmic Assistant). It has asked the existing optical shops, which have employed Eye Care Practitioners (ECP) for the past 10 years or more, to remain functional provided the ECP was qualified and has professional license/registration from Central and State bodies.
Further, NOA has directed optical shops without ECP to stop dispensing of powered glasses and contact lenses; and to label the shop as spectacle shop selling spectacle frames and sunglasses only.
It said that a person who has certificate in dispensing will not be allowed to work independently, but should work under the supervision of an ECP only.
NOA said that since it was the parent body of Optometrist and Ophthalmic Assistant in the state, no other association/union will be allowed to regulate the profession and its mission of ensuring quality eye care in Nagaland.
Informing that the criteria issued will be functional until local municipal authorities bring up new regulations for optical trade, NOA has warned that strict legal actions would be taken against anyone found defaulting the criteria.

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