Monday, March 27, 2023

NOPG 2022: Dimapur clinch gold in football


Dimapur emerged as the winner of the football events by beating Tseminyü with a score 4-3 during the final match played at IG Stadium, here on Friday.
Dimapur started on the offensive with a number of attempts within the first few minutes of the game as soon as the referee blew the whistle. Tseminyü also had its share of attempts especially a header from its captain, Yhunshalo Kemp, which unfortunately went over the crossbar. The first goal of the game came from Dimapur’s striker, jersey No. 11, Surhosul, in the 7th minute of the game giving the team an edge over their opponent. Within three minutes of the first goal, Dimapur’s stopper, jersey No. 7, Toka netted the ball with an impressive header doubling the teams score very early on in the game. Players of both the teams appeared to be under pressure as they made some avoidable errors. Dimapur team appeared to be the dominant team as they took possession of the ball for the better part of the first half. After the two goals, Tseminyü switched gears and restructured its line-up to tighten their defence.
The match remained uneventful for a few minutes owing to some injuries sustained by some of the players from both the sides.
Suddenly the stadium roared to life when Tseminyü was awarded a penalty in the 34th minute of the game which was taken successfully by its captain, jersey No 9, Yhunshalo Kemp. The first half ended with Dimapur having the upper hand.
However, in the second half, Tseminyü made a strong comeback when jersey No. 17, Calvin Kent made an impressive header equalising the score in the 41st minute. Tseminyü could have bettered their score when the team was awarded a free kick from the 16-meter distance however they could not capitalise it.
The relentless attack from Dimapur paid off when its player in jersey No. 9, Aloumai netted the ball from the D-box area bypassing Tseminyü keeper Tesinsen Kath’s stretched arms in the 65th minute.
The equalising score from Tseminyü’s jersey No 18, Ntsenlo Semp in the 69th minute came in the form of an out throw which bounced right over the Dimapur keeper, Homuka’s fingers right into the nets.
Dimapur quickly retaliated within a few minutes when jersey No. 11, Surhosol, deflected a corner kick right past Tseminyü’s keeper earning himself the second goal and the fourth goal for the team which also became the deciding goal of the match.
The jam-packed stadium had very little time to rest as the exciting match kept them on their toes.
It was not just the two teams but even their fans started their own competition off the field by way of cheering louder than the other. Earlier in the bronze medal match, Peren bested Phek with a score 2-1 and emerged as the winner.
The special guest for the final match was Nagaland Olympic Association, general secretary Abu Metha while MLA and former speaker, Chotisuh Sazo was the match patron for the semi-final match.


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