Tuesday, January 31, 2023

November 30 murder: LSU demands harsh punishment

Lotha Students’ Union (LSU) has condemned the “horrendous inhumane act” of cold blooded murder of Thungchibemo Humtsoe, on November 30 at Leriechazou, Kohima by Seketol Kiso and demanded “harshest punishment”.
The union warned that it would resort to any mode of democratic agitation if the culprit was not handed the harshest punishment according to the Law.
In a press statement, LSU president Ashanthung Humtsoe and general secretary, Pithungo Shitio appreciated the police personnel for apprehending the criminal and demanded the law enforcing agencies that Seketol should not be granted bail under any circumstances or situation. LSU extended deepest condolences to the bereaved family members and assured unconditional support and cooperation until justice is delivered.
LWTHE: Lakhuti Wokha Town Humtsoe Ekhung (LWTHE) said it was traumatized and incensed by the “gruesome and senseless torture and murder” of Thungchibemo Humtsoe, son of late Zapfuo aka Mhonyamo Humtsoe, by Seketol Kiso, son of Pudaho Kiso of Kidima Village and his accomplices on November 30 night at Leriechazou Colony, Kohima.
In a condemnation note, the Ekhung vice chairman, Benithung Humtsoe and general secretary, Rentsamo J Humtsoe warned that any individual, group or organizations found hampering, tampering or obstructing the investigation process or attempting to secure the bail of the accused person and the accomplices would mean a direct challenge and it will not be held responsible for any “severe repercussions in the event of miscarriage of justice”.

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