Monday, December 5, 2022

NPCC alleges corruption in road works under Phek dist

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee took note of the alleged “spending of Rs 65.69 crore without removing even a leaf of grass” in the name of road construction in Phek district.
NPCC president K. Therie said the work order for Lephory/Molhe road was Rs 30 crore and Rs 5.69-crore for Ankhen to Star Lake work under Meluri sub-division in Phek district with allotment of additional fund of Rs.30 crores in two separate orders was allegedly drawn by NDPP government in Oct 2018. Therie said this was “insane and shameless naked corruption.” Therie said that though this was first exposed by RPP, no progress had been made to satisfy the public, accusing the government of only trying to hide the issue.
He questioned why the Phek executive engineer at that time had prepared bills without even removing a leaf of grass and why the chief engineer or engineer-in-chief had failed to verify then. He also questioned why additional fund was proposed, insisting that the department as a whole had moral responsibility in the conduct and was answerable to the people.
According to Therie, allotment of additional fund of Rs 30 crore in two separate orders were clear evidence that Finance minister and PWD minister had also collaborated in the crime, adding that this also could not escape from the knowledge of the MLA representing the constituency.
NPCC also demanded Rhino Construction owner L Metha to come out honestly, whether the entire Rs. 65.69 crore was siphoned off. Therie also asked him to justify the expenditure in public domain. He alleged that UDA was a group of selfish people, unable to control the instinct of “I want more”. They shamelessly grabbed whatever public funds came before them, he alleged. Therie also alleged that Rs 300 crore meant for development in ENPO area also vanished into thin air. He accused BJP, NPF & NDPP alliance government of targeting backward areas in the name of development ever since they came to power by centralising contract works and payments.
“The conduct of the State government amounts to collaboration in the fraud. The act is an explicit display of dishonesty and criminal mindset in enriching themselves shamelessly and yet they call themselves people’s government,” the release stated.

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