Thursday, February 9, 2023

NPCC blames Centre for delay in Naga solution

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president K Therie has accused Government of India for the delay in solving the Naga political issue.
Addressing a meeting with public leaders at Pfütsero town on Thursday, Therie lamented that despite three decades of political negotiations, lack of will power on the part of the Centre had ensured that a final settlement eluded the Nagas.
He recalled Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s declaration that the Naga issue had been resolved and also the assertion of Centre’s interlocutor that talks had concluded. Therie also alleged that chief minister Neiphiu Rio had failed to bring all sections of national workers on board, besides failing to put pressure on the Centre to bring the negotiations to a logical end. He assured that given an opportunity, Congress would implement the solution.
Addressing the issues confronting society today, Therie noted that the long-established foundations of Christianity in Nagaland were being diluted and eroded at an alarming pace. He said the values of truthfulness and sincerity were threatened by unabated corruption at all levels and reached its zenith.
He alleged that only the corrupt were thriving with politicians and bureaucrats shamelessly buying multi-storeyed buildings in Dimapur and Kohima. He said MGNREGA funds had been drastically siphoned off as some villages had barely received seven days’ wages, while many others had received 20-30 days wages.
Therie recalled that the pioneers of Nagaland had ensured its creation by sacrificing their blood, sweat and tears. He however lamented that Nagaland today was disintegrating because the people were dissatisfied with the government of the day.
Noting that people of eastern parts of Nagaland were suffering on account of lack of infrastructure and roads, staff in offices, teachers in schools etc, he accused Rio of having totally failed the people, which led to the demand for Frontier Nagaland gaining momentum. He claimed Congress was the only party that had urged brothers from ENPO to reconsider their demand as others had kept silent.
He also appealed to first-time voters and the electorate in general to use the precious upcoming polls as a chance to vote wisely for the future of Nagas. Stating that the Church’s Clean Election Campaign had been necessitated because of persistent dirty practices in election, he requested leaders to heed to the call and practice one man, one vote in a bid to ensure clean elections.
NPCC general secretary i/c Phek Athang Chongloi also addressed the meeting, which was chaired by Pusato Thira. Rev Dr N Chiero, senior pastor of PTBC, invoked God’s blessings while benediction was pronounced by Rukizu Baptist Church pastor Ngotso Dasai.

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