Monday, November 28, 2022

NPCC blames state govt for Lamhainamdi incident

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has alleged that the November 7 Lamhainamdi incident arose out of sheer negligence on the part of the state government. According to NPCC communication department, the state government was not only afraid to make decisions, but also did not want to empower the administration.
NPCC said the government only “wait for civil societies or court to settle problems and if not, they blame civil societies.”
While interstate boundaries would be only for administration purposes, NPCC said traditional ownership was either hereditary or gifted, if not sold with legal documentation.
“It looks like land were gifted by Dumki Village to both Kiyevi and Lamhainamdi. Only these three parties should be taken as parties for settlement. No other parties or groups or outsiders should be allowed to involve,” NPCC stated.
The Congress said there is no land in Nagaland without history and ownership and neither land without boundary pillars or landmark boundaries.
NPCC pointed out that the ownership and transfer of land were within the customary right as provided under Art 371(A). Therefore, NPCC said inter district boundary and traditional boundaries cannot be mixed. Further the NPCC criticised the state government for not having legislated laws in 20 years to deal with civil problems. NPCC accused the government of not resolving the boundary problems but only “indulge in loot.
Asserting that there was no reason why disputes cannot be resolved, the NPCC asked the administration to put their heads together and decide the disputes. NPCC stated that British officers have resolved many disputes without interference from the Queen.
NPCC said it has seen photographs of deputy chief minister and the team visiting incident sites and appealing people to calm down. It said it was not the first time that photographs were seen but that the matter did not stop there since people want a decision.
Against the backdrop of arrival of Christmas, NPCC said Christians were taught peace and love, not violence. It stated that whatever could be the justification the parties may make, but killing to settle the problem did not make sense. “We have lost many lives and peace has evaded people living in the area for decades,” NPCC said and urged the chief minister to intervene.
NPCC said that boundary problems cannot be ignored, saying the state has “huge boundary disputes” all over Myanmar, Assam, Manipur, and within State.

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