Thursday, November 30, 2023

NPCC condemns release of 11 rape convicts in Gujarat

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has reacted angrily over the release of 11 persons convicted of rape in Gujarat.
NPCC president K Therie maintained that what was intolerable and unacceptable besides the release of the convicts was that they were feted by their supporters. He cautioned that Nagaland cannot be part of this kind of brutish mindset of BJP and that the only way to eradicate this is to vote out the BJP.
Therie also alleged that the BJP government at the Centre, by recommending pardon to the rapists exhibited the inner conscience and mind of BJP. He said it was not a mistake, but a deliberate and a sign of disregard and disrespect for women and moral of the nation.
Therie noted that the celebration of their release in front of cameras for publicity, proved that BJP has neither fear of reaction from women or moral keepers. He said the question was whether Nagaland’s women and men supported such mindset and whether they supported rape and its perpetrators?


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