Tuesday, November 29, 2022

NPCC demands speedy implementation of EMRS projects

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) Public Grievances Department (PGD) demanded speedy and successful implementation of 17 Eklaviya Model Residential School (EMRS) projects that were being undertaken in the state.
PGD chairman S Supongmeren Jamir and co-chairman Kedou Wetsah stated that as per the RTI reply from the Tribal Affairs Department Nagaland, the Central Ministry of Tribal Affairs has sanctioned Rs. 62 crore on March 30, 2021 for 2018-19 and 2020-2021 and Rs. 81.70 crore on February 25, 2021-2022. PGD has, however, expressed regret over the slow progress of the projects for reason best known to the department and the contractors.
PGD has, therefore, appealed to the department and the implementing agencies as well as respective districts administrations and village councils to give the best efforts and ensure that the projects were implemented successfully.
PGD (NPCC) stated that unless there was coordination among district administration, village councils, contractors and departments, there would be technical difficulties since everyone have equal responsibility and involved in MoU for those projects.
Affirming its commitment to serve for the welfare of the people, PGD stated that it would monitor till the projects become a reality.

Selected (EMRS) in respective districts along with latest total sanctioned released by the ministry against the projects, which chief engineer PWD (Housing) has issued the work Order to 10 Govt. Registered Class-I Contractors.

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