Sunday, March 26, 2023

NSCN cadres barred from carrying weapons during election period

In view of the ensuing state assembly election, the office of the chairman ceasefire monitoring group/ceasefire monitoring board (CFMG/CFSB) has informed all Naga political groups that carrying of weapons (fire arms) of every kind is banned with effect from February 1, 2023 and till the lifting of the ban, which would be intimated after March 2.
According to the letter by the CFMG/CFSB office, it said that there was a need for all factions of the NSCN to conform to the essential objective of ensuring a peaceful process and election in the State.
It further said the induction of huge numbers of central armed police forces (CAPFs), who are not familiar with the CFGRs, for conduct of free and fair election have begun throughout the state. Though CAPFs are being sensitized on the ongoing CFGRs with NSCN at all levels, it said that likely confrontation and incidents because of misunderstanding due to carriage of weapons by NSCN cadres could take place. It also said that concerns of Government of India with regard to the possible involvement of NSCN cadres in the election process have also been raised.
Therefore, CFMG/CFSB office said that carrying weapons (fire arms) of every kind is banned during the mentioned period, and the ban will be lifted based on security situation. While urging all to ensure strict compliance of the instructions, it said that the same would apply to all cadres including special ceasefire ID card holders, it stated.


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