Wednesday, March 29, 2023

NSCN/GPRN (K) reaffirms impeaching Khango

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NSCN/GPRN (K) Isak-led faction has once again reiterated that its government would stand firm on the January 6 resolution to impeach president Khango Konyak for going against the “Yezhabo” and for impeaching ato kilonser ‘col.’ (Retd) Isak Sumi without any consultation with the council of ministers.
Addressing the media at Isak Sumi’s residence at Toluvi, NSCN (K) acting president Luyanba Yimkhiung however declared that he was ready to give up his position if “Baba Khango” agreed to reconcile. “If Baba Khango comes back, he will remain the president and I will remain as the vice-president,” he stated, extending the olive branch to Khango.
He lamented that though the group had waited for Khango to reconcile, there was still no reply from the latter. Luyanba, however, asserted that if Khango refused to reconcile the government would continue to function with him as the president.
Meanwhile, kilonser PR/NGO, Zheito Murumi reiterated the January 6 decision to impeach Khango for going against Yezhabo.
After Isak’s impeachment notice was declared on January 4 by Khango, Zheito claimed that the council of ministers held a meeting on January 5 and decided to send a letter of request to Khango to revoke the impeachment order since it was not under Yezhabo.
He said since Khango did not adhere to the request of council of ministers, the house unanimously decided to impeach Khango on January 6.
“NSCN/GPRN was formed to fight for Naga nation and not to work for either Baba Khango or Isak Sumi. But since Baba Khango went against Yezhabo, the house decided to impeach him,” he stated.
He further alleged that Isak was not only impeached by Khango but there was also an attempt to murder on Isak
Zheito reaffirmed the government’s stand and willingness to reconcile as per the request of WC, NNPGs for the betterment of all Nagas.
Furthermore, in his address, deputy kilonser home Khone Lachumong Chang stated that he was not aware of impeachment of Isak and that he was unhappy with the works carried out by Khango.
He also termed the impeachment of Isak as a one person’s work, and not the entire government. “Even if he (Khango) is the president, he would not be able to form the government,” he pointed out.
He also claimed that Khango was in favour of breaking alliance from the seven NNPGs.
Also addressing the gathering, deputy chief of Naga Army Pangging Konyak explained the working system of the government and how Isak had also helped Khango in forming the government.
Meanwhile, in a communiqué, NSCN (K) Isak-led group declared that since there was no positive response to its call to Nagas to reconcile at this crucial juncture from the impeached president and the “outlawed gang”, the government would move ahead in accordance with NSCN/GPRN constitution, whereby vice-president Luyanba Yimkhiung had assumed office as president, Isak Sumi as ato kilonser and deputy chief of Naga Army Pangging Konyak as the chief. The group also asserted that it was not a property of anyone.
The statement further clarified that the suffix “Khango” previously used by NSCN/GPRN (K) to differentiate from others, as many splinters groups originated from NSCN/GPRN (K), and with the impeachment of Khango Konyak, would have no significance as the ceasefire agreement was between two entities, the Central government and NSCN/GPRN, represented by its functionaries.
Therefore, with the mandate of Naga people and the blessing of NNPGs, NSCN/GPRN once again appealed to all to continue their unwavering support and collaborate together to free the Naga society from the clutches of criminal gang in guise of national workers.


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