Tuesday, January 31, 2023

NSCN/GPRN(K) joint council impeaches Khango

NSCN/GPRN (K) on Saturday informed that the joint council meeting of the organization held on January 6 resolved to impeach its president ‘lt. gen.’ (Retd) Khango Konyak.
A joint statement issued by NTH speaker Kughakhu Zhimo, kilo kilonser ‘col.’ (Retd)T. Athrong and cabinet secretary Hokashe Muru said that the meeting comprising more than 90% majority led by the entire council of kilonsers (cabinet), tatars, regional authorities, military wings, secretariat staffs and the workers of NSCN/GPRN resolved to impeach Khango Konyak under article 27 “for repeated acceptance of bribe and violation of the constitutional norms article 29.”
They said that the house also re-reiterated the January 5, 2023 emergency meeting resolution and in consonance with the endorsement of the W/C NNPG.
In this regard, vice president Luyanba Yimkhiung shall take the charge as the acting president until further decisions, the statement read.
The house further informed all the entities, authorities and Naga public that as per the desire and longing of the Nagas the NSCN/GPRN (K) under the leadership of Luyanba Yimkhiung and ato kilonser (col Retd) Isak Sumi shall continue to pursue for an honourable Naga political solution under the banner of NNPGs.
The house also resolved that Isak Sumi shall remain the legitimate representative of NSCN/GPRN as the co-convener of the W/C NNPG. “The incumbent leadership and the Government shall also continue to uphold official ceasefire with the Government of India and its paraphernalia’s,” it added.
Meanwhile, the house expressed regret to inform the Naga people that they were constrained to initiate this measure in order to restore the sanctity of the NSCN/GPRN and “due to non-compliance callous and belligerent attitude and action of the former president and the conspirators.”
Rejoinder: Meanwhile, in a separate statement issued through its MIP, the NSCN/GPRN (K) said it was constrained to clear the air of fabricated and false statements labelled against its ato kilonser ‘col. (Retd) Isak Sumi and government by “a gang of followers of impeached President (Khango Konyak).”
MIP said that the government was socialist democratic with a written constitution and functions within the ambit of the constitution where everyone discharges their duties as assigned and not a one man show.
It therefore said that the entire party workers and regions with the exception of some few misguided and money mongers, stood firm with the ato kilonser and said that the statement of ‘kitchen cabinet’ does not hold any water but a cheap propaganda to mislead the Nagas for their personal agendas.
MIP said the government was still strong as ever under the leadership acting president Luyangba Yimkhiung and ato kilonser including home kilonser, NTH speaker and chief secretary, ceasefire supervisor and its members, Naga Army officers and cadres, regions and the entire party and government workers.
MIP said to state that Naga people and NNPGs had no say in the unconstitutional action and life attempt on ato kilonser by a gang of impeached president, showed the immaturity and ignorance, as NSCN/GPRN was not a personal property of a president or a gang. It said that every Naga was a stake holders be it national workers or a common Naga citizens.
MIP said WC/NNPGs under the leadership of convener Kitovi Zhimomi was the leading force negotiating with the Government of India for the early Naga solution.
NSCN/GPRN (K) cautioned that it would not remain a silent spectator against those trying to disruptor attempting to sabotage and derail it (peace process) at this crucial hour, when all the Naga people were waiting for early solution.
MIP said the statement of W/C NNPG convener, that the impeached president was “back sliding from the peace process and attempting to join hands with NSCN (YA)”, was justified. MIP claimed that Khango during his visit to CFSB office in 2022 for cabinet meeting stated that “now and again that since the Indian Government is not sincerely taking up the negotiation we should go back and join hand with NSCN (YA) to reignite the movement.” This, MIP can be testified by the members present at that meeting.
Therefore, the issue Kitovi fabricating the letter to CFSB/CFMG chairman does not arise as there were living witnesses, MIP said.
MIP further said that the claims by the impeached president’s gang that the they did not forcefully occupy the ceasefire office but with the ‘Ceasefire Group’ was a blatant lie. It claimed that when the ceasefire supervisor, secretary and members along with the civil societies had gone to the office to reason out, they were chased out with loaded weapons pointing towards them.
Subsequently, the incident which was condemned by various civil societies and Sumi and Western Sumi frontal organizations issued non-cooperation (on Khango-led group).
Therefore, MIP said when the incident was condemned in black and white through print media, the claim that they were approved by ‘Ceasefire Group’ was new height of white lie and cannot take all the Nagas for a ride.
Meanwhile, MIP said it was amused to watch the immature act of the “viral press conference” by some gang members accusing Isak Sumi of substance abuse. MIP said it was not worth clarifying and urged the Nagas to watch it again and judge who those cases belonged to, the accused or accusers.

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