Thursday, February 2, 2023

NSCN (I-M) reacts to NNPGs’ statement

Notwithstanding the situation where there is reckless press statement issued by the NNPGs reacting to our statement, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) never have the pleasure to expose those Nagas who are working as Indian mercenaries but we are constrained to put the record straight for posterity sake and thus compelling us to expose the anti-Naga machination (devil’s workshop) as these forces are at work going through sleepless nights to wreck the Naga issue and destroy the Naga national identity which the Nagas have shed blood, tears and sweat for over six decades.
Let history be the living witness to testify that the NSCN stood alone at the hardest times of the Naga national struggle. We fought single-handedly against the mighty Indian security forces and also against the misguided Nagas (mercenaries) that were given shelter and made to operate from the Indian Army camps. The NNC groups were in Kohima Transit Peace Camp and of course the other groups using the NSCN nomenclature were everywhere in the Assam Rifles (AR) camps.
Was the ceasefire and political dialogue brought by these people?
Let it be known that these same people are used and created as a third force/party by the Government of India (GoI) to defend her interests against the right of the Nagas. We, however, put on record that any solution based on collaborators will only pave the way for a bigger disaster. The NSCN is well aware of the forces working hand in glove to engineer reedited 16 Points Agreement.
Let it also be known that even before the negotiation started they have already surrendered and meekly accepted the Indian Constitution without any hesitation. This is against what our great freedom fighters have died for. Blood, tears and sweat that we the living and past have gone through are not to taste this small morsel at the end. It would simply be a glittering morsel which will turn bitter later to repeat the blunder of the Indo-Naga history.
Who are the civil societies they are talking about? Are the civil societies of the Nagaland state the only Naga civil societies for the Nagas? What about the other Naga civil societies in other Naga areas? Are they not a part of the Naga political family given by the Almighty God? Are they not relevant in your agenda set by the Government of India? They also take the name of church leaders. It would be interesting and grateful if documentary evidence could be produced before the Naga people how church leaders have blessed the Naga solution which sells out the Naga people’s rights. If NNPGs are so keen to go for a Naga solution as per its Agreed Position we wish them to go ahead and let the Naga people witness what they could achieve for the Naga people. But for the NSCN, we shall take the gentleman’s stand to give our word that we cannot be a part of the NNPGs solution because of its betrayal to the Naga people’s mandate of the 1929 Simon Commission Memorandum, 1947 Naga Independence Declaration and 1951 Plebiscite. NSCN can never be a party to sell out the Naga’s political nationality and identity by stooping so low. We are never going to surrender our rights so tamely. History will judge and we simply cannot betray the sacrifices of the thousands of martyrs.
It is worth recalling the development which followed when the Government of India was secretly pursuing the NSCN leaders abroad to offer them the “olive branch” in order to settle the Naga issue through peaceful political means. The then Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narasimha Rao who took the lead met the NSCN collective leaders, NSCN Chairman Mr. Isak Chishi Swu and General Secretary Mr. Th. Muivah on the 15th June, 1995 in Paris (France). To clear the air of doubt on India’s sincerity and seriousness in talking with the NSCN leaders, Th. Muivah questioned him, “Why don’t you talk with Khaplang and NNC?”
To which Narasimha Rao replied, “The issue is not with them, they are in my hand. Why should I talk to the people who have no issue? You have proven, the issue is with you and the people are with you. If we talk, we can resolve the Indo-Naga political problem.” This is exactly the third force or the mercenary groups we are talking about, created by the Government of India to do its bidding to counterweight the NSCN.

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