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NSCN (I-M) reaffirms ‘one people, one nation’

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Adopts 5-point resolution at Agri expo meeting

Thousands of “Naga national workers” from Nagaland state affiliated to National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) adopted five-point resolutions and reaffirmed “one people, one nation” during a co-ordination meeting held at Agri Expo Site, here on Friday.
The five-point resolutions were read out by Collective Leadership Member and steering committee convenor, KK Angami and was adopted through raising of hands.
Angami termed the day as historic as over 7000 “Naga national workers” from Nagaland state registered and attended the co-ordination meeting.
Nagas suffered, sacrificed, says Tuccu: Attacking “those asking for solution within Indian constitution”, NSCN chairman, Q Tuccu said many Nagas suffered and sacrificed their lives to build “Naga nation” and not to settle for Nagaland state.
Recalling the contributions and sacrifices of the Naga national workers, Tuccu said the pioneers sacrificed their lives so that Nagas could live as “one people and one nation”.
Tuccu said that since today there was peace because of ceasefire many Nagas have forgotten the sufferings and sacrifices of the pioneers. He reminded that hundreds of Nagas died for “Naga nation” and that their sacrifices should be honoured.
Asserting that “all Nagas are same” and that Nagas have “one common goal and one issue”, Tuccu said there was “no bigger Naga, no smaller Naga, no special Naga, no non-special Naga” and that “Nagas are Nagas.
Commenting on delay of Naga solution, Tuccu said NSCN would not settle for any solution outside August 3, 2015 Framework Agreement and added that NSCN would never compromise the rights of the Naga people.
He said many people were complaining and even asking the NSCN to compromise the rights of the Nagas. However, Tuccu said “tomorrow this same people” would “spit on us, accuse us and shame us for surrendering the rights”. Tuccu then asked the Naga people whether they want NSCN to come back “empty handed after surrendering our rights to the Indians”.
Urging Naga people to be patient, Tuccu requested them not to be swayed by the “false promises of NSCN copy cats” but to stand with NSCN for Naga solution based on Framework Agreement.

Dialogue concluded on 3rd August 2015, says Tongmeth: NSCN vice chairman, Tongmeth Wangnao categorically pointed out that dialogue between government of India and the NSCN “successfully concluded” on August 3, 2015 and not on October 31, 2019.
He read out a sentence from August 3, 2015 Framework Agreement signed between government of India and NSCN which stated, “It is a matter of great satisfaction that dialogue between the government of India and NSCN has successfully concluded and we are confident, it will provide for an enduring inclusive new relationship of peaceful co-existence of the two entities.”
Referring to the Framework Agreement, Tongmeth pointed out that the dialogue concluded on August 3, 2015 and not on October 31, 2019.
He then quoted the last sentence of the Framework Agreement which stated, “The two sides agreed that within this framework agreement details and execution plan will be worked out and implemented shortly.”
Attacking those using NSCN nomenclatures, Tongmeth said NSCN was formed to condemn Shillong Accord and advised them to at least know the history and not to belittle NSCN to the status of Shillong Accord. Tongmeth then asked them to understand the value of NSCN and honour it.
Acknowledging and honouring the sacrifices of the “Naga national movement” pioneers, Tongmenth said today Nagas would not be where they are had the pioneers not stood for the Nagas and laid the “Naga national foundation”.
Calling upon the “Naga national workers” to retrospect and be mindful of public outcry against “multiple taxation”, he reminded them that they joined the “revolutionary movement” and not for “personal prosperity”.
Tongmeth concluded his speech by saying, “One day or another, Nagas will be together free from all domination.”
In an introductory speech, NSCN speaker Tatar Hoho, Hutovi Chishi accused Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), Nagaland People’s Action Committee (NPAC) and Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF) of wanting to accept “solution without Naga national flag and Naga constitution, solution within Nagaland state and solution within Indian constitution”.
He said that NPAC’s recent memorandum to Prime Minister of India was based “only in the interest of Nagaland state” and that NGBF does not represent the “voice of the Naga people”.
Chishi also claimed that government of India formed NNPGs to counter NSCN as it could not convince NSCN leaders to accept solution within Indian union.
Stating that no group or organisations have Naga people’s mandate, Chishi said 1951 Plebiscite and January 24, 2005 mandate to NSCN were the only “legitimate mandates” given by the Naga people.
He then said that NSCN would not betray Naga people’s mandate and that it would not settle for any solution without “Naga national flag” and “Naga constitution”.
Delivering short speeches, member, collective leadership, “Lt. Col (Retd)” Neipfupe Venuh said “other factions” have betrayed the Nagas by wanting to settle within Indian constitution. He also urged the “Naga national workers” and Naga people to pay their respect and honour the sacrifices made by the pioneers.
Member, collective leadership, TT Among, lamented that Indians were using the Nagas to divide the Nagas and asked the people whether they were willing to allow India to further divide the Nagas.
He then called for unity and oneness among the Nagas.
Member, collective leadership, RT Tsanglao also lamented the present situation where a demand for solution for Nagas of Nagaland without Nagas of Burma (Myanmar), Nagas of Arunachal, Nagas of Assam, Nagas of Manipur have emerged.
The co-ordination meeting was moderated by CLM and co-convener, steering committee, Chuba Pongen; invocation was said by CHQ Church Pastor Vikuto Kappo and benediction by GHQ assiant head chaplain, “Col.” Pitovi L Kive.


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