Saturday, December 10, 2022

NSCN (I-M) rebuts SCAN charge on encroaching Ntangki

NSCN (I-M) has refuted “the misleading statement” made by Senior Citizen Association of Nagaland (SCAN) that it has encroached Ntangki National Park and put it under its full control.
NSCN (I-M) reiterated that matters of national interest cannot be allowed to escape public scrutiny if there is suspicion that something has gone wrong. NSCN(I-M) through its MIP said for the same reason, “no bewildering allegations will stand the test of time”, when the factual story unfolds.
Given the magnitude of the issue, NSNC (I-M) said SCAN should have acted in a more responsible manner and not make such highly inflammatory allegations.
NSCN(I-M) said SCAN should have been chosen a path that reflected wisdom and temperament on the issue instead of crying foul against it that was bereft of valid justification.
On the contrary, it said, had it not been the counter-measures taken by it, the national park could have been another story today.
Seeking to put the record straight, NSCN (I-M), said Ntangki National Park originally belonged to Old Bisumpui village with well-defined boundaries. It also pointed out that the critical need to protect Ntangki forest and wildlife was taken up at NSCN National Assembly, Gilgal Camp, in 1996 where it was resolved to protect and preserve the forest as wildlife reserved forest. Accordingly, no newly set-up village was allowed to exist inside the national park.
NSCN(I-M) said that “during the course of Indo-Naga political talks”, the national park was never a topic of discussion since it had nothing to do with Naga political settlement. It said whether or not there was solution, the park would remain protected and preserved as Naga national property.
It also cited the recent interview of Ntangki National Park director T Aochuba, where there has been no indication that it there has been any encroachment on the national park.
Significantly, it said Hebron was outside the boundaries of Ntangki National Park.
NSCN (I-M) also clarified that Hebron originally belonged to Old Jalukie village, while Jalukiekam village was established with the permission of Old Jalukie village, and a recognised village with specific boundaries. It said Hebron camp was very much within the Jalukiekam village jurisdiction and outside the boundary of Ntangki National Park and not as “recklessly claimed by SCAN”.
Further NSCN(I-M) claimed that Jalukiekam village authorities gave it permission to establish its council headquarters (CHQ), Hebron camp, on the condition that the land would be returned to the owner (Jalukiekam village) in the event of it leaving the place.
It also said Hebron was also allocated as a ceasefire designated camp during chief minister-ship of SC Jamir, adding that he (Jamir) should be well aware that the camp had nothing to do with Ntangki National Park.
Referring to the Forest department claim of having acquired the land (currently Hebron camp) from one Kachari who had been paying land taxes to old Jalukie village, NSCN (I-M) questioned how a tenant could sell the land? It clarified that the forest colony/Hebron was never given to the Forest Department by its land owner (Jalukiekam or Old Jalukie village).
NSCN(I-M) said it was important to note that the forest department had shifted to Bisumpuikam village under compelling circumstances and its office could be seen at the village block-C, the release added.
NSCN (I-M) denied that, at no occasion, had it disturbed or harassed the Forest department in performing its duties. Further it stated that as a responsible organisation, it would never overstep its role to stoop that low as to be a nuisance to the department. NSCN(I-M) therefore, said the question of the department having to ask its permission should never arise. Such fabricated statement from SCAN was something highly uncalled for, it stated.
NSCN (I-M) expressed disheartenment at SCAN raising a great hue and cry against something that did not exist at all and desperately attempting to generate a storm in a tea cup. It said the discerning people should be able to read between the lines how SCAN’s irresponsible utterance was done deliberately to provoke public outcry against it. NSCN(I-M) pointed out that rather, it had only exposed its ulterior motive.
“The irony is that it only goes to heap disgrace upon the very group wearing the crown of senior citizens association that comprises of Nagas that are attached with the highest echelon of Indian/Nagaland civil service,” the statement read.
NSCN (I-M) said it was unfortunate that SCAN headed by KK Sema as spokesman, had turned into a “troublemaker rather than a trouble-shooter” which it said, was “very unbecoming of the nomenclature of SCAN” which should have displayed its mission with religious fervour without allowing other powers to use it with vested interests.
NSCN(I-M) said while SCAN claimed to be non-political organisation, the fact remained that Sema being their spokesman nullified the claim by citing that he contested the 2018 Assembly election on Congress ticket and faced humiliating defeat.
NSCN (I-M) said “such person who have gained the notoriety to be loudmouthed and who have developed the shameless habits of going for big lies should not have been allowed to represent a non-political organisation lest he brings further disgrace to the organization.”
NSNC (I-M) said nothing was farther from truth than SCAN’s allegation and that Ntangki National Park was “used and manipulated by NSCN is simply an extravagance of an old braggart like KK Sema.”

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