Sunday, January 29, 2023

NSCN (I-M) unwavering stand on FA

Close on the heels of the January 14 joint declaration signed by NSCN (I-M) chairman Q. Tuccu and convenor WC, NNPGs N. Kitovi Zhimomi on “unconditional commitment to collaborate”, MIP of NSCN (I-M) reiterated that the Framework Agreement was the only basis for Naga political solution and that “Nagas do not acknowledge any agreements signed under the Indian constitution”
MIP maintained that “An honourable and acceptable political solution between India and the Nagas” has been mutually agreed on the basis of the Framework Agreement of August 3, 2015, “wherein the sovereignty of the Nagas is acknowledged in conjunction with the Naga National flag and the Constitution”. It said “Nagas do not acknowledge any agreements signed under the Indian constitution.”
NSCN(I-M) also reaffirmed that it will stand by the ‘Naga National Decision’ of May 31, 2022, “to uphold and protect Naga unique history and Naga national principle at any cost”, and “uphold the sanctity of the Framework Agreement that was signed on the foundation of respect for and recognition of the sovereignty of the two entities– Nagalim and India.” Further it reaffirmed “The Letter and Spirit of the Framework Agreement” of the collective leadership, dated Dec 16, 2022, that the “sovereignty of the Naga nation is upheld and the Naga national flag and constitution are declared as integral to Naga sovereignty.” It also reaffirmed the resolution of the collective leadership and NSCN members of July 23, 2019 to, “(shall) uphold the 3rd August, 2015 Framework Agreement and strive to conclude the on-going Indo-Naga negotiation honourably. The Nagas shall unwaveringly stand on the declared Naga national decision come what may.”

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