Tuesday, October 3, 2023

NSCN (R) terminates services of 3 functionaires

NSCN (R) has terminated the services of three of its cadres for their involvement in anti-party activities and for breach of code of conduct with effect from August 19. In a press release, MIP of NSCN (R) informed that Gangpong Konyak “kilonser- Konyak Region”, Omnyei Konyak “under Secretary- Konyak Region” and Anghuh Konyak “leacy- Konyak Region” have been found to be obfuscating and putting “NSCN/Reformation in bad light for their personal interest and to peril the tranquillity of the NSCN/Reformation”.

In this regard, NSCN (R) informed that involvement of the following expelled members in any matters related to NSCN/Reformation “shall invite unpardonable actions” and cautioned all concerned that dealing with them will be doing so at their own risk.


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