Wednesday, February 1, 2023

NSF condemns extension of AFSPA

Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has condemned the overarching approach of the Central government in extending the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers’ Act (AFSPA) for another six months under the pretext of “law and order” problem in major parts of Nagaland.
NSF president Kegwayhun Tep and general secretary Shpuni Ng Philo in a press communiqué denounced this continuous attempt of the Centre to paint the State as a land of lawlessness and chaos. NSF said that the world was witness to the fact that Nagaland was a beautiful State and inhabited by peace-loving citizens, which was contrary to what it was made to look like by the impugned order.
It asserted that the history of excesses committed by armed forces upon Nagas under the cover of AFSPA called for condemnation from all.
NSF reiterated its earlier stand that Naga people did not merit the draconian Act that had empowered the Indian military and paramilitary war machines with unlimited powers to extend evil claws and judicial impunity to arrest, torture, kill and to commit everything inhuman. More so, AFSPA was unconstitutional as it only encouraged abuses and serious human rights violations by the armed forces acting on behalf of the State, they pointed out.
NSF, therefore, appealed to the Centre to objectively assess the situation and not act upon bias reports from its agencies, while urging the Home ministry to take right steps forward in order to ensure that the AFSPA was repealed once and for all from the entire Naga homeland.
NSF said it will be their endeavour to ensure that AFSPA is repealed or completely lifted from the entire Naga homeland.

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