Monday, November 28, 2022

NSF says NIDA demand unjustified; reiterates for ‘status quo’

Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has described as “unjustified” the NIDA’s demand for enhancement of superannuation from 60 to 62 years for all doctors without any condition or criteria and reiterated its demand to the state government to maintain status quo.
In a press release, NSF president Kegwayhun Tep said that the federation was the pioneering organization that brought about the current policy regulating the ‘retirement age’ of the state government employees. NSF reminded that its leaders even resorted to ‘fast unto death’ to bring the matter to its logical conclusion.
The federation said it has been closely following the developments pertaining to NIDA demands. It said the matter was also thoroughly deliberated in a number of federal assemblies and presidential council meetings of the federation.
In this regard, the federation sought to reiterate its “unwavering stand” pertaining to the superannuation age of the medical doctors in Nagaland.
NSF stated that its second emergency presidential council meeting held on September 21, 2022, unanimously resolved to demand the state government to maintain status quo with regard to the superannuation age of medical doctors and all other services in the state.
The federation said NIDA’s demands were not justified as the state cabinet at its meeting held on April 21, 2022 yielded to NIDA’s previous demands and decided ‘to enhance the superannuation age of all medical doctors including AYUSH and Dental doctors, from 60 to 62 years of age through re-employment as a consultant /Senior Consultant/specialist to work in the hospitals and clinics’.
NSF said the decision was taken after the state cabinet thoroughly perused the government of India instructions/guidelines on the matter. NSF said the state government had all the rights to legislate and decide on the retirement age of the medical doctors without any interference from the central government as ‘public health’ was a state subject.
NSF said NIDA’s claim that all the states in India have yielded to the Prime Minister’s announcement except for Nagaland and Meghalaya was “misleading”.
Citing an example of Haryana state, the federation claimed that the retirement age of medical doctors was brough down to 58 from 65 years of age with the opportunity of re-employment to the doctors of both the cadres of medical and dental of Health Department, on yearly basis up-to 65 years of age subject to certain criteria.
Therefore, the federation has appealed to the doctors on strike to reconsider their stand in the interest of the general public and to safeguard the future of the young upcoming generation.
NSF said it was making an appeal keeping in mind the resource crunch and the paucity of the employment opportunities in the state.

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