Sunday, June 4, 2023

NSF slams Along’s remark on Naga issue

A day after minister of H&TE and Tribal Affairs Temjen Imna Along again spoke openly about the government of India’s rejection on demand for Naga flag and constitution as part of Naga solution, NSF has come down heavily against the minister and BJP state president.
In a statement, NSF president Kegwayhun Tep and general secretary Supunii Ng Philo condemned the “arguments” put forth by Imna Along during the discussion on Naga political issue in the house. NSF claimed that flag and constitution were demand of Naga people for solution.
Further, NSF said Along’s “insinuation that certain Naga political groups are indulging in delaying tactics for their selfish gains only reflects the shallow understanding of the issue that is just, fair and righteous.”
NSF slammed Along for indulging in rhetoric to please “his political bosses at the centre” and forgetting the sacrifices of those who gave their everything “in order to usher in a solution that is inclusive, honourable and acceptable to every Naga individual.”
The NSF leaders said Along’s advocacy that Naga solution be within the framework of the Indian constitution, “undermines the founding principles of the Naga homeland” which it said, was unacceptable to the Naga youth and student community.
Further, NSF said Along’s “conviction that separate flag and constitution shall not form part of solution, reeks of a conspiracy to deprive the Naga people of our legitimate rights, wherein he is an integral part of, if not the mastermind of the same.”
NSF also slammed Along for his speech in the house and choosing “ to be the shadow and echo of the few names he threw around during his eloquently crafted speech.”
The duo have condemned Along for his inability to assert the rights of Naga people and towing the lines of those “truly responsible for the delay in honouring the ‘unique history and situation ’ of the Naga people.”
NSF has cautioned the minister against “activating his verbal diarrhea mode on issues wherein he has very little or no knowledge about”.
It said being a first timer in the assembly, did not qualify Along to “make sweeping statements on an issue that is more than a century old and involves the sacrifices of the entire Naga people.” It also demanded that Along respect the sentiments of Naga people and make no further attempt to placate his alter egos.


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