Wednesday, November 29, 2023

NSUB celebrates annual freshers cum Nagas night

Naga Students’ Union Bangalore (NSUB), celebrated its 52nd annual freshers cum Nagas Night, under the theme Cultural Mosaic: “Orchestrating Unity across Borders’’ on September 23, at the India Campus Crusade for Christ, Bangalore.

The event was graced by Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Goa and Karnataka Chaitali Panmei, Director (Translations) “The Bible Society of India’’ Dr. Along Jamir and Assistant Professor, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bengaluru Dr. Marchang Reimeingam as special guests and guest speaker.

A press release from NSUB president, Senstuthung Odyuo informed that the yearly event not only bring Nagas residing in Bengaluru together but also honoured the roots and identity of Nagas as a undivided community.
Speaking on the occasion Panmei advised students to work hard and disciplined, asserting that discipline was a crucial quality which were indispensable in students’ life.

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She said that Nagas were bestowed with rich cultural heritage as a society, and must never forget the origin. Further, she lauded the office bearers for their relentless dedication and everyone involved to make the grant event happened.

Dr. Jamir also underscored the significance of unity in progress and peace, drawing from historical lessons. “History reminds us that unity is the foundation for progress, peace, and perseverance, whether on a global or local scale”, he added.

The event was hosted by Arhoni C Jungio and Khanreimung Awungshi, NSUB president Senstuthung Odyuo welcomed the gathering and speech on behalf of the freshers was delivered by Neipherenuo Kire.

Pastor of Poumai Naga Baptist Fellowship Rev. Dr. Reihe offered prayers for the freshers, vote of thanks by Cultural Secretary, NSUB JN Roziine and benediction by Pastor Lotha fellowship Bangalore Yimkum Murry.
Sumenron Odyuo and Illi Ayemi were crowned Mr. and Miss Fresher of NSUB 2023 representing Lotha unit and Sumi unit respectively.

The other highlights of the event included performances from various solo artists and groups, while a 7-year-old-boy T. Samsui Patrick mesmerized the gathering with his funky dance steps.
The event was attended by more than 900 Nagas residing in and around Bangalore.


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