Tuesday, January 31, 2023

NTC on long awaited solution to the Naga political issue

The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) would like to draw the attention of the Government of India (GoI) on the silence to the inordinate delay of resolving the vexed Naga Political issue even after more than three years of the political process of negotiations between the NSCN (IM) and the Working Committee (WC), 7 NNPGs with the GoI though the dialogue has officially completed on 31st October, 2019.
The NTC has submitted representation to the Honourable Prime Minister time and again for early resolution of the vexed Naga Political issue as the people are yearning for true peace in the land but not that of pseudo peace. In this connection, attention may be drawn to the latest representations submitted to the Honourable Prime Minister, GoI on the following dates: the 16th February 2022; the 30th April 2022; and the 16th September 2022 – the same copies of which were also duly submitted to Shri J.P. Nadda, National President, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during his official visit to the State of Nagaland on the 16th September 2022. All representations to the Honourable Prime Minister contained the assured resolution of the protracted Naga Political issue with the sweetest word of promises, “Solution within 18 months on 1st December 2015 at Kohima by the highest authority of the GoI” and “Election for Solution by no less respectable person than that of Shri Ram Madav, National General Secretary, BJP, In-charge North Eastern States during the General Election to the Nagaland Legislative 2018”.
Initially, showing its sincerity the GoI has included in the standing Parliamentary Committee the Naga Political issue and laid its report that read as follows: “The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs, GoI, had laid and tabled its report on both the Houses of Parliament vide Report No. 213, Quote: ‘TWO HUNDRED THIRTEENTH REPORT, SECURITY SITUATION IN THE NORTH EASTERN STATES OF INDIA (PRESENTED TO RAJYA SABHA ON 19TH JULY 2018), (LAID ON THE TABLE OF LOK SABHA ON 19TH JULY 2018)’. UNQUOTE, WITH PARTICULAR REFERENCE TO, Quote; ‘CHAPTER-III OTHER ISSUES, vide 3.1 Naga Peace Accord and at Para 3.1.10’ to look into the Naga peace talks and the said Committee recommended for an early conclusion of the peace talks. Quote: “The Committee, therefore, strongly recommends that the Government should conclude the peace talks, at the earliest, based on a broad understanding over the most contentious issues. The Committee also recommends that Government should tread carefully on the issues sensitive to the Nagas and not let vested interests highjack the peace narratives”. Unquote.
The NTC, at the same time highlighted the willingness of the State Legislators and the Members of Parliament their eagerness to solve the protracted Naga political issue. Quote; “the Parliamentary Committee on Naga Political Issue (PCCoNPI) formed with 59 Legislators and 2 Members of Parliament on 9th July 2021 adopted 5 – Points Resolution in which the Resolution 4 stated that; Quote: “All Members of the Core Committee and the Parliamentary Committee on Naga Political Issue, including the two Members of Parliament, have come together under the same banner in line with the Election Manifestos of all Political Parties and commit to the people that the elected members are prepared to pave way as and when an inclusive, honourable and acceptable solution is arrived at”. Yet again the PCCoNPI has adopted its final 4-Points Resolution in their 16th July 2022 meeting containing continuance and similarity of resolution which was reportedly submitted to the concerned authorities of the GoI in New Delhi. Quote: Resolution – 4, “While Parliamentary Committee is not a party to the Naga political negotiations, it is playing the role of facilitator, representing and reflecting the voice of the people; and this role will continue to be pursued in a serious manner. We stand by the commitments of the constituent political parties as reflected in their respective manifestoes to pave way in the event of political solution being arrived at”.
The ball for settlement of the protracted Naga political issue before Election to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly 2023 which is the long cherished dream of the Naga populace in general and the Negotiating parties of the Naga Political Groups (NPGs) in particular is in the court of the GoI now. This is the time to test the trustworthiness and sincerity of the GoI towards the people of Nagaland.
The NTC cannot tolerate to see the hard earned works for resolution of the Naga Political issues as has been done and submitted by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs, GoI, vide Report No. 213, and that of the very recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee which is overdue are shelved.
Therefore, reposing faith on the dynamic leadership of the Honourable Prime Minister, GoI for his sincere determination to resolve the decades old Naga Political issue, the NTC once again urges upon the highest authority of this great country to have “Political Will” and ink the agreement before the General Election to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly 2023 so as to strengthen the confidence between the people of Nagaland and the GoI, and usher in lasting peace and progress that will go a long way in building a permanent peace in the North Eastern Region of India.
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Media Cell, NTC

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