Monday, February 6, 2023

NTCP discusses tobacco ban

Longleng District-Level Coordination Committee on National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP) was held on November 29 at the Conference Hall of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Longleng office, wherein members deliberated on imposing ban on selling of tobacco and its product in and around school/educational institutions.
According to a DIPR report, DC and chairman NTCP Longleng, Dharam Raj pointed out that only education could prevent the younger generation from falling into the habit of consuming tobacco.
He also urged the members of the committee to work collectively and start educating people to make NTCP a successful programme. The DC said that the program should start and function as per the guidelines given by the government. He also assured to take up the shortage of manpower to effectively implement the programme.
The house also discussed about imposition of ban on selling of tobacco and its product in and around school/educational institutions, selling of tobacco product within hundred yards from the educational institutions is prohibited. The house said tobacco items should be confiscated by reporting the District Level Enforcement Squad and agreed to form a club or volunteer to assist the respective educational institutions to check the use of tobacco products within the premises and to tie up with all the stakeholders of the concerned areas. The house decided to help the student clubs/volunteers financially in the educational institution, if the student body want to organise sensitisation and awareness programme related to tobacco and its product according to COPTA Act 2003. The house also decided to write a letter to all village councils and to all primary schools up to middle school level and decided to open Tobacco cessation centre at the District Hospital Longleng.

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