Monday, February 6, 2023

NTTU flags rampant taxation by armed groups

Nagaland Timber Traders’ Union (NTTU) has flagged the twin issues of rampant and forceful taxation levied by various armed groups and unions.
NTTU president Kevise Sogotsu in a press release alleged rampant and forceful taxation levied by various armed groups and unions, especially during this festive season.
He claimed that these illegal taxations had choked the business community at large, including local entrepreneurs, compelling many of them to temporarily shut down their businesses while waiting for the situation to improve. He said some businessmen and entrepreneurs had even switched to other professions to get rid of the scourge of illegal taxation.
The business community and entrepreneurs could not cough up any more money to pay illegal taxes.
He claimed that scores of Naga frontal organisations, civil society groups and business communities had written hundreds of representations to the authorities concerned, but lamented that so far they had miserably failed to address the issue of illegal taxation.
Further, according to Kevise, another social menace that had been on for quite some years was the money lending business, which was especially prevalent in Kohima and Dimapur. He claimed that unscrupulous loan sharks, unions or societies lent money at high interest rates to individuals or families who were in dire need of money to meet emergency cases such as medical treatment.
If these individuals or families failed to meet the payment deadline, then the money lenders did not show any compunction and immediately seized their property (land, house, etc).
He said these two menaces – illegal taxation and money lending – had brought tears to many families this festive season.
NTTU president questioned why the authorities concerned, including the district administration and police, were silent on these two menaces. He demanded that the State government should come out with strict guidelines to check the money-lending business.
“In the present scenario, the Naga public will feel more secure and if President’s Rule is imposed in Nagaland,” he stated.

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