Wednesday, December 7, 2022

NTUCT, CCCTA & CTYO firm against extortion, illegal taxation

Naga Tribal Union Chümoukedima Town (NTUCT), Chümoukedima Chamber of Commerce & Trade Association (CCCTA) and Chümoukedima Town Youth Organisation (CTYO) have resolved to oppose any illegal taxation, demands through intimidation and threat by various national workers that were tantamount to violation of ceasefire ground rules.
In a joint statement, NTUCT president Lhousito Khro, CCCTA president James Kin and CTYO president Hovise Naleo condemned the unabated demands, taxation, intimidation and issuing of summon letters by various national workers besides individuals meeting entrepreneurs and owners of businesses and commercial enterprises on regular basis under the garb of national workers, which was causing untold mental tension.
The three apex organisations pointed out that the people were struggling hard to obtain a foothold despite various odds and challenges, since it was not easy to start or run a business since this involved huge financial investment and efforts.
The three bodies warned that any organisation or individual out to exploit the business community on flimsy grounds would be treated as enemy of the society because such acts negate economic growth and businesses, that could help people prosper and progress and bring all-round development, directly benefiting the public.
“We wish to see our own people who are interested in businesses to compete on a par with their counterparts from other States. Hence, it is the responsibly and obligation of all sensible people to encourage them by creating a conducive atmosphere for them to bloom,” the statement emphasised.
They also instructed the business community to immediately communicate to them of any such instance. The three also appealed to all Naga national workers to respect the loud cry of people for “One government, one tax” as resolved on October 31, 2013 and reaffirmed to implement the resolution in letter and spirit.
The three bodies also noted, that with the onset of festive season and culmination of all sorts of year-ending expenditures, antisocial elements would crowd business places and commit shoplifting and pickpocket any vulnerable victim.
They have therefore cautioned public to remain alert and raise an alarm to nab culprits whenever such incident occurred.
Drawing attention on reports that personnel posing as Forest department staff, were moving around and demanding cash from sand dealers and stone crusher units, the three organizations warned that those person(s) cease their illegal activities before they were caught and their antecedents exposed in public domain and face the consequences, which they are well aware of.
They also questioned why were traffic police personnel regularly conducting frisking and checking of inter-state trucks and buses at random places, especially during night? They demanded to know whether it was done at the behest of the commissioner of police or without his knowledge?
The organisations condemned all such illegal activities and volunteered to act as watchdog for the sake of public safety, peace and tranquillity in the area.

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