Wednesday, November 29, 2023

NZPO writes to chief secretary on WSYF ultimatum

Nagaland Zeliang People’s Organization (NZPO) has sought the intervention of chief secretary in connection with the ultimatum submitted by the Western Sumi Youth Front and has also raised objection to the composition of the joint verification committee by the state government.
In its 11-paged representation, NZPO president Kevipele Iheilung reminded that the membership of the Lamhainamdi village comprise of all the tribes of Nagaland. NZPO, however, said that “should WSYF follow through with the threat contained in the ultimatum” served on the state government and as published in the local dailies, and that such action would lead to a state-wide conflagration which does not bode well for all.
In the first place, NZPO said WSYF had no right to issue ultimatums or otherwise in the present case, as Lamhainamdi village has no quarrel with or done anything against the said organization.
NZPO said that since WSYF involved itself into an issue of which was not its concern, and urged upon the government that it must, in no uncertain terms, caution the organization “to mind its own business and to stay clear of the issue”.
NZPO asserted that the government was well aware that Lamhainamdi village had been doing everything only after due intimation to the government and also within the parameters of the law.
NZPO reminded that in its May 5, 2022 representation, it had appraised the home commissioner that the government was well aware of the fact that the land on which the Lamhainamdi village was established “is undisputedly traditional Zeliang land”.
In the representation, NZPO also highlighted the unequal application of the “so called indefinite status quo order” issued by the home commissioner issued prior to the killing of three innocent victims of Lamhainamdi village on March 22, 2021 under the pretext of the matter being sub judice, despite there being no pending cases relating to the land.
NZPO also alleged that while the government was prohibiting villagers even to cultivate in their own land that led them to the brink of starvation, the encroachers were being given free hand to take up development work on the land illegally occupied by them.
Asserting that such discrimination cannot be borne any longer, NZPO demanded immediate eviction of the encroachers and protection of the innocent villagers.
NZPO said in another representation submitted to the home commissioner on July 20, 2022 demanding response to its May 5 representation, and also highlighted the facts on government record regarding shifting and renaming of the Kiyevi village to the Dhansiripar area.
NZPO claimed that sine the DC Dimapur had refused to comply with its July 27, 2022 representation vis-à-vis disbursement of damage compensation (2-lane NH 129A package 3) to Kiyevi village, NZPO was compelled to call for indefinite lockdown of NH-129A.
Besides the compensation issue, NZPO said it had also sought eviction of the illegal inhabitants of the erstwhile Kiyevi village and the unrecognized illegal encroacher of “self-styled villages of Kehoi, Vihuto, Jacob Zhimomi, Pushito and Aliwo, to recall/revoke the
NH 129A in respect of the erstwhile Kiyevi village and immediately book those involved in the killings of three innocent men from Lamhainamdi on March 22, 2021.
NZPO said that soon after the lockdown was imposed, it received a letter from Commissioner Nagaland conveying the receipt of DC Dimapur’s letter that all related matters had been considered and a joint meeting with DCs of Peren and Chümoukedima would be convened and the matter regarding payment of damage compensation be kept on hold till further discussions.
NZPO said, that based on the letter from Commissioner Nagaland on August 13, 2022, it suspended the lockdown and subsequently issued a press statement.
Thereafter, a meeting with DCs of Peren and Dimapur was convened by Commissioner Nagaland on August 16, 2022. NZPO said at the August 17 meeting with DC Peren, Lamhai village submitted a representation giving permission to disburse the compensation to the residents of the erstwhile Kiyevi village on the condition that they must vacate the village after receipt of the compensation.
NZPO said the meeting minutes reflected that an opportunity can be given to explore any avenue for resolving between Kiyevi Village and Lamhai Village and feedback submitted latest by August 18, 2022.
NZPO said the same message was conveyed to the Commissioner Nagaland in another meeting held on August 19, 2022. NZPO said after considering their representation, the Commissioner issued an order dated August 20,2022 stating that compensation shall be deemed to be released to the structure owners of Kiyevi village, but the release of damage compensation to the owners of the structure without “any pre-judice to any claims/counter claims over landownership issues that may arise in the future”.
NZPO said it was not averse to allowing any person(s) from setting up village in the entire area of land up to the river Kovaru or Tehaikai, which is the traditional boundary with Chümoukedima village, but no independent village will be permitted but that the land shall be called by the name “Lamhainamdi, i.e., Greater Lamhai Village, and it intended to stick by the decision.
NZPO said had Western Sumi Youth Front approached it, then it would have informed the front of the above position. However, NZPO said WSYF sought to “issue the ultimatum to your authority (chief secretary) and your authority also, without affording us any opportunity to have our say in the matter, promptly set up the Joint Verification Committee comprising of officials of the Peren and Dimapur district administration.”
NZPO claimed that no official intimation was made to it or Lamhainamdi village informing them about the setting up of the committee.



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