Friday, December 2, 2022

NZPO, ZMO-N and ASU urge govt to address NIDA issue

Expressing concern over the difficulties faced by general public in availing health services due to ongoing strike by Nagaland In-service Doctors’ Association’s (NIDA), which entered the sixth day on Wednesday, Nagaland Zeliang People’s Organization (NZPO) and Zeliangrong Mipui Organization-Nagaland (ZMO-N) have urged the state government to resolve the issue before the situation got out of control.
NZPO president Kevipele Iheilung and NMO-N president Apeuna stated that the “right to health” was a basic need, adding that it was the responsibility of the government to deliver justice to health care providers. The two bodies said the it was also government’s responsibility to ensure availability of smooth health care services in the entire state.
They cautioned that the government “may need to face the consequences of delayed attention,”if the situation gets worse or caused mass suffering due to failure of addressing the issue on time. The duo, therefore, urged the government to consider the “genuine demand” of NIDA in line with other states in the country so as to meet the need of acute shortage of senior and experienced doctors in the state.

ASU presses govt for acceptable solution

Angami Students’ Union (ASU) has urged upon the state government to “immediately negotiate an acceptable solution on the genuine demands of the medical doctors.”
Reiterating its stand on the NIDA’s demand for enhancement of superannuation from 60 to 62, ASU appealed to the state government to take serious approach to address the issue.
ASU through its media cell, core committee expressed disappointment at the state government’s failure to address the superannuation issue despite the union’s earlier representations and statements.
ASU claimed that there were “certain speculated impediments” for which the state government was “apparently hesitating to heed to the demands of the state medical doctors and even instigating other forces to defend their unacceptable decisions.”
However, ASU said that the state government was expected to “diligently address such issues by taking extraordinary decisions”.
According to the union, it was “extremely perturbed” by the ongoing agitation, which it said was the result of the state government’s failure to address the core demand of enhancement of superannuation as announced by the Prime Minister and “implemented in almost every state of the country.”
The union has questioned whether the state government could shoulder the responsibility in case of any casualty arising out of the agitation?

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