Sunday, November 27, 2022

Ocean of rights

A fissiparous tendency that is gradually fractionalizing society into groups or alliances appears to be gripping Nagaland. When issues are raised by those who believe in the credo ‘my way or the highway’; it hardly leaves any scope for rational and logical diagnosis. In matters that have been on public domain for so many years, be it rise in anti-social acts, disputes or serious allegations of abuse or misuse of power; these are consequences of the ‘authorities’ having relegated their roles to being puppets of populism, perhaps taking a strong cue from their political masters. Bandhs or rallies are becoming all too frequent today and this is not a good sign. It means there is a trust-deficit with the government or confusion about which of the several parallel authorities is the authorized government. Over the years pressure groups on virtual warpath and the government in inertia-mode, has severely affected the state economically, socially, morally and politically. The damage, through years of depredation will take time to restore order into the chaos. The entire government system has been reduced to serving the ‘larger interests’ of those in power and those who operate beyond the bounds of the law due to laxity and loss of authority of the custodians. Though it would not be totally incorrect to describe it as a ‘failed state’; yet the symptoms are discernible. Whether Nagaland has become or is becoming a failed state may be gauged from notable signs such as – loss of control to exert authority over its territory; rise of monopoly crime bosses or syndicates or parallel authorities and inability to implement decisions and inability to provide public services. These are grave issues for all who believe that political solution is the only problem. Among the pressing problems for a small state like Nagaland with a high literacy ratio and rapid “growth in education” is rise in unemployment. Also, the meteoric rise of the Nouveau riche in Nagaland during the past few decades is startling and demolishes the notion of equality and justice. Putting on a show of intent on the Naga issue has provided a license to ride roughshod over probity and indulgence in acts inimical to people’s development. That is why today, various organisations have been compelled to agitate in the streets and offices. Most of the problems relating to governance are contributed by the sense of lack of accountability by politicians in league with bureaucrats. Broadly, Naga problem is not only about the political problem but various major problems. Solely making rhetorical statements that seem to suggest that the political issue is so sacrosanct that all other problems matter less; exposes a totally shallow frame of mind that is bereft of moral compass. Politicians who have been elected to serve the people as per the Indian constitution have to play their role as catalysts of peace and development through good governance and not solely as ‘facilitator’ for the political issue. After destroying the state through rampant corruption of colossal magnitude, politicians today are conveniently talking about political solution as salvation. Politicians, society’s leaders, thinkers and everybody today need to speak honestly and boldly, so that society can look towards stepping into the realm of progressive development from the dead sea of rhetoric, insane logic and hegemony of political ideology that has possessed people for as many decades.

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