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October 4 is ‘World Animal Day’

Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration
World Animal Day is observed on 4th October worldwide to create awareness among people regarding animals’ basic rights and its welfare standards. This day is a reminder for all of us not just to love and care for pets in our homes but to appreciate and respect all wild animals, endangered species and those threatened by environmental devastation or lack of protection.
Therefore, on this day let us show kindness and compassion to our voiceless animals and spread some awareness about their basic rights and its welfare standards. Animals are asset to our society, they do have feelings and emotions just as human being, therefore it is the responsibility of every human being to love, care and protects our animals and prevents cruelty in all forms of abuses such as beating/hitting, forcing animals to struggle and work in extreme weather conditions, inhumane slaughter, etc.
Animals have as much of rights to live as we human beings do and we owe them much for our work, food, milk, eggs, companionship and all the joy and love they render to us. The least we can do for them is to provide them with their basic rights.
Some of the basic rights of animals are as follows:

  1. Animals should be housed in safe and comfortable shed. 2. Sufficient floor space with the freedom of movement without overcrowding, obstruction to fear.
  2. Stray or homeless animals are to be provided with shelter and food.
  3. Any injured/sick/diseased animals are to be treated with our love, care, and compassion.
  4. Daily adequate well-balanced diet and clean water to be provided. 6. It is the bounded duty of the owner to provide timely basic health facilities like vaccinations, deworming and regular health check-up of animals.
  5. Mandatory Health Record Certification for any animal that is to be transported from one place to another.
  6. Animals should be treated with respect throughout their lives and provided with even more care during their old ages.
    Therefore, on World Animal Day let us all work to change our perspective to promote the basic right and welfare of animals to bring about positive changes in their lives.
    Animals are Voiceless
    They cannot ask for Help
    They cannot ask for Freedom
    They cannot ask for Protection
    We are their Guardians
    We are their Voices
    Their lives are in Our Hand
    So, let us all join hands and make a world a better place for them.
    “The greatness Gandhi. of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi
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