Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Olympic Day Run observed at IGS Kohima


Along with the rest of the World, Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) also organised the Olympic Day Run under the theme, “Together for a peaceful World,” here at IG Stadium on Saturday.
Special guest, minister of Rural Development, Metsubo Jamir, in his speech said this year’s theme was based on sustainability, inclusion, solidarity and peace aimed at bringing people together to contribute to a better world through sports.
He said the theme celebrates the power of sports and to bring people together in peace, a call to action for people to move together upto and during Olympic day at the same time display the united support for a peaceful world.
Jamir pointed out that citizens of Nagaland had joined the global community in commemorating the Olympic Day Run with the participants from all walks of life to celebrate the Olympic spirit and be part of the strongest uniting force in the form of sports.
He congratulated NOA and all its members for making the day a successful reality.
Jamir announced that the next edition of the Nagaland Olympics would be held in August 2022, where sportspersons from every district in the State including the newly inaugurated districts will participate in various sports disciplines under the banner of NOA.
He further announced that for the first time NOA would be introducing selected Paralympic events making the event Nagaland Olympic & Paralympic Games 2022.
Subsequently, the Nagaland Team for the upcoming North East Olympics would be determined from the results of this event, Jamir said.
Giving the introductory remark, NOA secretary general, Abu Metha, said sports had the power to unify people and had brought more races and people under one banner than any other activity on Earth and was the most efficient tool to unite people and nations.
He pointed out that everyone gathered at the stadium were ambassadors of sports and taking the spirit of the activity to unite people. He pointed out that with the participation of Dr Talimeren Ao in the Olympic as the captain of the first football squad of Team India and five decades later Chekrovolu Swuro in archery, Nagaland was also a contributing and participating member of the International Olympic family.
Metha said the ambition of NOA was to follow the olympic principles of faster, stronger and higher.
He said Nagas must come together under the spirit and platform of sports and that the association wanted to bring all sections of the State under the platform of sports.
Winners of the various categories:
400 meters (U-12 Girls)-Kevileno, Rukusenu Pucho, Akruti Rai.
400 meters (U-12 Boys)-Mughaka Aye, Tohanba, Keheiyitu.
600 meters (Women)-Loreni Tsanglao
600 meters (Men)-Nangsgiba, Theja Meru, Neingulie Nakhro.
800 meters (Women Veteran)-Wecheteu Kapfo
800 meters (Men Veteran)-L Muthio Khianuuthgan, Clement Beck, Azo Rupreo.
800 meters (U-14 Girls)-Neshemonyue, Mehrim Beck, Vesenelu Khamo.
800 meters (U-14 Boys)-Wathotsia Poji, Thejanguzo Pfukha, Mulekho Sapu.
800 meters (U-16 Girls)-Imtisangla Kangshou, Khrotshou Tsuhah, Jemie Y.
800 meters (U-16 Boys)-Vephuzo Sakhamo, Pauku Meru, S Rito.
1500 meters (Women)-Tsuchoi T, Songmo P, Peiheiteile Esalung.
1500 meters (Men)-Tsole Yokha, Cuvoto Medeo, M Nokching Chang.


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