Friday, June 2, 2023

Open air programme on cleanliness

Staff Reporter

With an aim to encourage community participation in maintenance of hygiene at their vicinity for a cleaner environment, an open air programme on cleanliness awareness was held at Zakiesatuo colony, here on Saturday.
Speaking at the programme, chief manager of Waste Management, Amos Ezung said although certain measures have been taken up to keep the city clean, there were many confusions on “where to throw” and “how to throw the thrash”.
He read out certain rules and regulations and requested the gathering not to burn or dump the litters, not to segregate waste difference between dry and wet waste, not to throw garbage at drainage or nullah and to refrain from spiting on the road and walls.
Ezung reminded the gathering not to dump garbage in any of the areas since the place was under the surveillance of CCTV and fines would be levied if there was any violation.
He informed the shopkeepers that two basket containers would be placed between the shops which would be collected by Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC).
Environmentalist, Ronika Miachieo also highlighted the importance of community participation by saying that civic sense and household waste segregation were very important for a hygienic environment.
She pointed out that joining cleanliness initiatives would make a bigger impact since each person in the city was responsible for the waste that they generated.
Miachieo opined that people should “stop blaming the municipal council” as they played their own role and that the public should start being responsible and inculcate civic sense.
Only then, she said, people would see the changes.
She also stressed on the importance of good hygiene, which acted as a barrier to many infectious diseases.
Meanwhile, short speeches were delivered by Zakiesatuo colony council, general secretary ward-2 Zarenthung Kikon and public ground council ward-2 general secretary Mhabemo Kikon.
At the programme, residents also shared their grievances, and doubts were also clarified.
The programme was attended by Zakiesatuo colony and public ground chairman, GB, secretary, members, nearby shops and Kuki church members.


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