Saturday, December 10, 2022

Organisations flay abuse of minors

Various organisations have condemned the physical and mental abuse of three minors by Ronika and Amos Ezung in Burma Camp, Dimapur.
CUD: Chang Union Dimapur said it was deeply anguished and dismayed by the low possible inhuman act meted out to the three minor children. While appreciating the law enforcing agencies for their timely intervention in apprehending the culprits, the union has also strongly demanded that the law enforcing agencies award the strictest of punishment to the culprits and to book them under non-bail able sections of the law.
WUD & WUK: Wayen Union Dimapur (WUD) and Wayen Union Kohima (WUK) have vehemently condemned the barbaric act meted upon three innocent minors. Condemning the act, the unions said the accused along with her accomplice tortured the minors mentally and physically over the years as a result, the children are undergoing untold miseries now. WUD and WUK expressed hope that the law enforcing agency would initiate stringent actions against the accused and her accomplice according to the provision of law. Further, the union have demanded that the culprits should not be released on bail under any circumstances, prior to the fixed period of imprisonment. In the event of releasing them on bail, the unions said it would retaliate and shall not bear any responsibility for the possible consequences.

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