Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Organizations object to shifting of EAC Longshen Hqs

Tangnyu Village Council (TVC), Sheanghah Chingnyu Council (SCC), Yuching Village Council (YVC) and stakeholders of Longshen town have warned that if the proposal for shifting EAC headquarters from Longshen was approved by the State government, there would be unrest among the stakeholders who had been together for the last 40 years.
A joint statement issued by Tangyin, Gangnan, Yoakjun and Hojan on behalf of TVC, SCC, YVC and stakeholders of Longshen town respectively, said that land donor villages of Tangnyu and Sheanghah Chingnyu had a “customary agreement”, which had already been submitted to Spot Verification Committee of Longshen area. They cautioned that if the EAC headquarters was shifted, then there would be land dispute issue between the two villages.
Further, they said the government should also think about 557 individuals from 103 households of Longshen town as where they would go and live.
TVC, SCC, YVC and stakeholders of Longshen town appealed to the State government to cancel the proposed shifting of EAC headquarters under any circumstances to avoid untoward outcomes. Expressing confidence on the wisdom of Spot Verification Committee and the State government, they hoped that the government would act accordingly in order to maintain the goodwill and gain the confidence of common people.
They mentioned that Spot Verification Committee led by land resources commissioner secretary and EAC Longshen held a meeting with them on January 20 regarding the proposal for shifting the EAC headquarters from Longshen, during which they had opposed the proposal.
They said they had requested the committee to submit the exact report as discussed during the meeting.
However, they expressed sorrow and shock that some individuals were trying to get no-objection certificate (NOC) from Longshen area villages as supporting documents for shifting the EAC headquarters. Hence, they requested Spot Verification Committee, Mon deputy commissioner, Longshen EAC and the State government not to accept or entertain such NOCs without the knowledge of TVC and SCC.
Asking villagers in Longshen area not to issue NOC randomly, they directed that if any village council had issued NOC without knowing the reality, they should withdraw it at the earliest.


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