Thursday, February 9, 2023

Organizations opposed to NPAC’s state wide bandh call

After the Angami Public Organisation (APO) opposed the 6-hour January 14 bandh called by Nagaland People’s Action Committee, certain tribal organizations also strongly opposed the state wide bandh called in demanding solution before election.
Those organisations who opposed the January 14 bandh included– Tenyimi Union Dimapur (TUD), Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO), Rengma Hoho (RH), Naga Tribal Union Chümoukedima Town (NTUCT), Chakhro Angami Kuda Youth Organization (CAKYO), Nagaland Zeliang People’s Organization (NZPO) and Sovima Village Youth Organisation (SVYO).
TUD: Tenyimi Union Dimapur (TUD) resolved to not to participate in the proposed bandh and directed its members to do likewise.
TUD media cell said it was “unbecoming of any organisation” to call for bandh every now and then as per its whims and fancies as these only cause harassment to common public. TUD expressed the hope that the administration would take action and thwart such activities. Further the union said while it welcomed any positive step by any organisation towards an honourable settlement; it was however sceptical of actions of some vested individuals and organisations.
TUD reaffirmed the decision taken at the consultative meeting on June 28, 2022 to stand on the political principle of “One People, One Nation” based on the ideals of the 1951 plebiscite, which was acceptable, honourable and inclusive of all Nagas and groups. TUD said presently, Nagas were at a critical juncture with enemies both within and outside trying to destroy the very fabric of Naga nationhood for which the forefathers had sacrificed much. It thus appealed to every right-thinking Nagas to be wary of such elements.
CPO: Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) also declared non participation in the bandh and expressed dismay over the decision of NPAC to call a blanket bandh.
CPO president Vezuhu Keyho and general secretary Chepetso Koza clarified that CPO had neither endorsed nor authorised NPAC to call the bandh and therefore the latter’s decision has no bearing upon CPO. CPO said that the question of participating in the bandh did not arise as NPAC cannot give any direction to apex tribal body of Chakhesangs in any matter.
In addition, CPO said since celebration of the premier festival of the Chakhesang Sükrünye was underway, CPO will neither participate nor enforce the bandh within its jurisdiction.

NTUCT: Naga Tribal Union Chümoukedima Town (NTUCT) also resolved to not extend cooperation or take part in the state wide bandh called by the NPAC.
NTUCT president Lhousito Khro and general secretary Longshi Kikon said that the decision was made at the union’s executive meeting held on January 12.
NTUCT said it was “crystal clear that NPAC is not recognized and mandated organization (an) neither endorsed by any Naga tribal apex hoho” and therefore the bandh will not be ef-fected under Chümoukedima district jurisdiction.

RH: Rengma Hoho (RH) also opposed the statewide bandh with RH president Pollem Tep and general secretary Sinhilo Thongseb reiterating that the proposed bandh called by NPAC will not be imposed within Tseminyu district. While RH reiterated its stand for early settle-ment of Naga political issue, it was however opposed to the proposed bandh and was done without proper consultation and so, was uncalled for.
RH also pointed out that it had communicated to all frontal organisations that RH had not officially endorsed any of its member to be at the NPAC meeting and therefore asserted it will not participate nor impose the bandh in Rengma areas.
NZPO: Nagaland Zeliang People’s Organization (NZPO) has also decided to not take part or impose the bandh in Peren district. NZPO said it has been reiterating its stand for early set-tlement of the Naga political issue but that the proposed bandh was without proper consulta-tion therefore, uncalled for. NZPO said that since it had not officially endorse any of its member to attend the NPAC meeting, it had decided to not impose the bandh under its juris-diction.

SVYO: Sovima Village Youth Organisation (SVYO) has affirmed its stand that the bandh will not be effected within its jurisdiction in line with the directive issued by Angami Youth Organisation (AYO) and Chakhroma Youth Organisation (CYO).
SVYO directed all shops to remain open and to conduct all business activities normally. It also asked all members to ensure that there was no unwanted situation while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere within the village jurisdiction.

CAKYO: Chakhro Angami Kuda Youth Organisation (CAKYO) president Ketoulelie Nagi and general secretary Kekhriezekhou Belho stated, it has decided to not participate in the bandh as per the decision of the Angami Public Organization (APO). CAKYO also said as per directive from Angami Youth Organization it has asked all youth bodies of its constituent villages, to direct businesses/shops to remain open in their respective jurisdictions.

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