Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Oz female hockey star in hot water over ‘racy’’ Facebook content

The co-captain of the Australian women’s hockey team, Nikki Hudson, is the latest Australian sports star to land in hot water over the contents on her Facebook page.
The golden-haired striker, 32, was made to apologize for her saucy musings about the Beijing Olympics, which were aired in the mainstream media.
They included: “Nikki thinks the running of the bulls should be changed and we should be chased by the Spanish [sic] men’s hockey team. I would definitely [sic] make sure I got caught and impaled!”
And this: “Nikki has a black eye from all the girls pushing me out of the way to get prime position by the window seeing naked Aussies in rooms across from us!!!”
As a Sydney Olympic gold medalist and the first Hockeyroo to play 300 internationals, Hudson was disturbed to think she had offended anyone with the comments, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. There is no doubt Hudson is both a fun and funny girl.


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