Friday, June 2, 2023

Paiwang seeks World Bank support in health sector

Minster of Health and Family Welfare, P. Paiwang Konyak has appealed to the World Bank to provide continues support to Nagaland especially in health sector.
Paiwang made the appeal when he along with commissioner and secretary H&FW, Y. Kikheto Sema and team of Nagaland Health Project (NHP) met the country director of World Bank, Auguste Tano Kouame at World Bank office in New Delhi on May 19. A DIRP report stated that the minister thanked the World Bank for the support to Nagaland especially in the health sector, where NHP has been successfully implemented and has been extended till December 31, 2023.
At the meeting, Paiwang highlighted on the issues and challenges in the health sector and informed that NHP’s funding catered to the gaps not covered by other programmes.
Maintaining that health was complex issue and cannot be solved in a year or two but as steady progress has been made, he said funding and assistance of externally aided projects should continue.
Meanwhile, Kikheto highlighted that Nagaland could not avail enough EAPs as compared to the other States.
He thanked the World Bank for funding the projects in Nagaland.
Kikheto stated the proposed new project of the Nagaland Health System Strengthening Project (NHSSP) was mainly to fill the gaps in the infrastructures of the Health Centers, quarters for health workers, etc.
He, therefore, requested the World Bank to support the new project and stated that the partnership between the Government of Nagaland and the World Bank should continue.
Auguste Tano Kouame appreciated and congratulated the team on the successful implementation of NHP and with the successful implementation of the NHP, he said that the Bank would be interested to support the new project of NHSSP and assured that the Bank would recommend the same to the government of India.
Auguste also suggested that the proposed project could assist the state to generate fiscal revenue, mobilize private sector through PPP mode, and generate employment through pre-service training, etc.
He further suggested conducting virtual meetings with other states and countries which were been funded under World Bank to showcase the good practices of the Nagaland Health Project.


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