Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Pangnyu inaugurates Toiching vill

Minister of Health and Family Welfare S. Pangnyu Phom, inaugurated Toiching village under Longleng district and inaugurated Sub-Center at Orangkong, Yaongyimchen and Lingjan Agri link road, in the presence of Deputy Commissioner Longleng, Phom People Council, Village Council and Civil societies on December 19.
A DIRP report stated that, the minister in his address at Toiching village said before the official approval by the government for setting up of new council and VDB of any new village, there should be only one custom, one citizen, one culture, one students unit so that no misunderstanding could arise.
The minister requested the deputy commissioner to recognize and approve the Village Council, VDB and the health sector at the earliest. He also reminded the leaders of the village to keep an update on the development activities and the funds provided by the government.
Short speech was also delivered by guest of honor Deputy Commissioner Longleng, Dharam Raj followed by Head Barrick Yachem, Changtongya VCC, Yongshei VCC, Yongnyah VCC, Yaongyimchen VCC and Phom People Council president.
Earlier, the inauguration began with an invocation by YBC pastor Rev. M. Adao and Yachem village council chairman, Isakumba Phom delivered the welcome address.

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