Friday, June 2, 2023

Passengers deboarded after bomb scare on Patna-Delhi IndiGo flight

Panic gripped passengers of a Delhi-bound Indigo flight on Thursday night after one of the passengers claimed that there is a bomb in the plane at Patna airport.

Sources have said that the passenger made the claim while others were entering the flight. As soon as the information was spread, CISF personnel swung into action and deboarded everyone from the flight.

The CISF officials thoroughly checked the aircraft. However, no bomb was found on the flight. As a precautionary measure, the authorities have decided to cancel the flight tonight (Thursday night).

Patna police also come into action and immediately sent multiple teams of bomb and dog squads. They were searching the entire airport premises till the time of reporting.

Reacting on it, an official said: “We have not found any bomb or suspicious article from the plane or anywhere else from the airport premises so far. The search operation is currently underway in and outside the airport. Bomb and dog squad were also present at the search operation.”


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