Monday, February 6, 2023

PASU decries transfer of SDO (C) Phomching

Condemning the transfer of Phomching SDO (C) headquarters, the Phomching Area Students’ Union (PASU) has appealed to the state government to immediately cancel the transfer order and retain the present SDO (C) at Phomching.
In a press release, PASU president Wanggok Konyak and general secretary L Wangjam stated that Phomching, one of the oldest towns under Mon district and established in 1969, was left without designated/full time SDO (C) for the past three years without any reliever.
After many years of hardships and requests, the union said the state government recently on July 15, 2022 posted new SDO (C). However, PASU stated that within a span of less than a month, the SDO (C) was transferred to Mon HQ. with additional charge of SDO (C) Phomching.
Pointing out that Phomching sub-division, which shares border with Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh, holds a significant role geographically, the union said the law and order “must be strictly implemented for the maintenance of peace and harmony.”
Despite the fact that law and order problems were very uncertain and fragile, PASU said the state government immediately transferred the newly posted SDO (C) to Mon HQ. following the firing incident at Nyasa Village and Longwa Village on August 15, 2022.
PASU said the general public was surprised with the order of the state government and condemned “the cowardly order.”
The union has, therefore, strongly appealed to the state government to cancel the order and retain the present SDO (C) at Phomching, failing which PASU would take its own course of action.

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