Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Pathso Range Students’ Union (PRSU) resents teacher transfer

DIMAPUR: Pathso Range Students’ Union (PRSU) has expressed strong resentment against the School Education Department’s order of March 30, 2022 transferring a teacher without reliever from GMS Pathso Nokeng, which was already running with shortage of teachers, in the name of rationalisation.
In a press release, union’s president P Zuhing expressed surprise that the department was transferring the teacher – Supou Khiamniungan – with the post without studying the ground reality of GMS Pathso Nokeng, which was already functioning with low strength of teachers.
He said the school with 10 classrooms, which was a composite of primary and middle sections, had only 11 teachers. Due to this shortage, he mentioned that the teachers were facing immense hardship to cover the syllabus and limited the learning of students to their full potential.
Further, out of the 11 teachers, there are only two Graduate Teachers (GTs). And due to inadequate number of teachers in the school, even the community was trying its best to ensuring smooth functioning of the school by sponsoring a teacher voluntarily.
Therefore, in view of the shortage of teachers, Zuhing urged the department to look into the matter and revoke the transfer of Supou Khiamniungan from GMS Pathso Nokeng in the absence of a relieving teacher.

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