Friday, March 24, 2023

Phek Town Youth Society closes down Government Higher Secondary School Phek ‘indefinitely’

On the expiry of ultimatum served on department of school education on July 27, the Phek Town Youth Society (PTYS) Thursday informed that it has closed down the Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) Phek “indefinitely” as the government failed to fulfil the demands.
In a press release, PTYS president Neizote Venuh said that a rally was organised at GHSS Phek where many public leaders, during a short gathering, expressed their solidarity and grievances over the “insincere attitude” of the government towards the school. PTYS claimed 16 teaching staff either transfer, retired or died, but the government failed to send the relievers. It also said that the post for geography was not extended while botany teacher remained absent for many years.
According to PTYS, another two teachers were going to be transferred out with posts totally up to 20 teachers. The youth body stated it had faith in the government to send relievers, but the government had terribly failed. “It is very difficult to comprehend how the students appear their exams without the teachers,” PTYS said and questioned how long should the students suffer at the mercy of government’s lackadaisical attitude.
The youth body has, therefore, said it had no other option but to carry on with closure of school.
PTYS has cautioned that in the event of unforeseen situations arose, the government would be solely held responsible.
Meanwhile, PTYS has expressed gratitude to the parents, public and well0wishers for participating in the rally.
Stating that the protest would be intensified, the youth society has therefore requested every section of the people to extend cooperation even in the days to come.


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