Sunday, November 27, 2022

Pilot project on E-selling large cardamom launched

Staff Reporter

An initiative of Spices Board of India, a pilot project on E-selling of large cardamom was launched jointly by advisor Horticulture and Border Affairs Mhathung Yanthan and Spices Board of India secretary D Sathiyan.
While Yanthan launched the project at Niathu Resort, 7th Mile, Chümoukedima, Sathiyan launched it virtually from Kochi, Kerala.
A seminar on export of spices with special focus on spices of Nagaland was also held on the occasion.
In his speech, Yanthan hoped that the initiative of Spices Board would go a long way in creating opportunities for farmers to produce, market and fetch revenue. He noted that the Board had been promoting spices cultivation across the country, including Nagaland, over the past 35 years by providing necessary infrastructure support and introducing high-tech solution to cultivation.
He said export of spices was picking up, adding that the initiative to export large cardamon would definitely prove beneficially to the local economy. With the ever-expanding market and growing competition, E-selling had come imperative.
He remarked that the launch of E-selling would bring the spice-growing community and buyers together by participating in buying and selling activities. He said he was hopeful that the digital platform would attract a huge number of exporters and traders.
He further urged the traders and exporters to support spice farmers by marketing their produce that were organic and pest and disease-free.
Yanthan admitted that maintaining high quality, low productivity, inadequate storage facilities and non-existence of market infrastructure were the major challenges that ought to be addressed. To make the spices of Nagaland a global brand, profitable, and sustainable, he urged all agencies, departments and stakeholders to make joint efforts to make the E-selling initiative more effective.
He requested Spices Board of India to open office in Nagaland.
A certificate for auction of spices was also handed over to M-Junction on the occasion. Yanthan also inaugurated exhibition stalls wherein varieties of species were displayed.
Speaking on the occasion, agriculture production commissioner (APC) Y Kikheto Sema observed that India was the world’s largest producer of spices and large cardamom. He claimed that the Northeast too contributed to India achieving this feat.
He said some of the prominent indigenous spices cultivated in Nagaland were cardamon (cultivated over 3,873 hectares and produced 2,133 metric tonne), ginger (cultivated over 4,724 hectares and produced 35,000 metric tonne), turmeric (cultivated overs 649 hectares and produced 9,191 metric tonne) and king chilli (cultivated overs 606 hectares and produced 2,490 metric tonne).
Sema claimed the Agriculture, Horticulture, Land Resources and Rural Development departments were provided assistance to farmers in the cultivation of large cardamom for the past several years to enhance the income of the farming community.
He said the State government, with support from the Central government, had taken many initiatives in assisting the farmers in terms of the plantation, production and post-harvest management. However, he admitted that there were still many challenges like drying, grading, packaging and market linkages that needed to be addressed in order to enable local farmers get better price.
Also, strategic intervention in pre and post-harvest management with innovative technologies, an inclusive business plan, linkages with buyers and an innovative platform for selling the products of the local farmers should be the way forward, he suggested.
The APC asserted that the E-selling platform for large cardamom was the first of its kind in the State and hoped that this opportunity would lead to better market outreach, opportunities for selling and buying, ease the business process and bring transparency in the trade.
While Sathiyan attended the event virtually from Kochi along with other Spices Board of India officials, the welcome address was delivered by Spices Board of India director (marketing) BN Jha from Kochi virtually.
In his short speech, Sathiyan said the North-eastern States had great prospects for agri exports, especially spices. He explained that the aim of the seminar was to strengthen the sector in Nagaland in collaboration with the State government.
He mentioned that the E-selling platform had been taken to help realise Nagaland’s export potential in spices, especially the large cardamon. Vote of thanks was delivered by Spices Board Guwahati regional office deputy director DM Barman.

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