Monday, November 28, 2022

PM addresses ‘Chintan Shivir’ of home ministers

ltells states to Be smart, formulate ‘common technology’ to check crime, improve policingl

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday insisted on having a police technology mission that will enable all states to have the best common technology and mutual cooperation for crime prevention.
Addressing a ‘Chintan Shivir’ in Haryana of home ministers of states to deliberate on issues of internal security via video conferencing, he said while ensuring the best technology, the states should avoid any budgetary constraints that may come in the way of adoption of technological advancements.
Modi said the criminal world has globalised and stressed that “we need to be ten steps ahead” of them (criminals). He pointed out that crime is no longer localised and instances of interstate, international crimes are going up. “That is why mutual cooperation between state agencies and between central and state agencies is becoming crucial,” Modi said.
He said whether it is cybercrime or the use of drone technologies for the smuggling of weapons or drugs, the government needs to keep working towards new technologies to tackle the menace.
“The law and order system can be improved with the help of smart technology,” Modi said.
“With the help of 5G, the performance of facial recognition technology, automatic number plate recognition technology, drone and CCTV related technology, are going to improve manifolds,” Modi said.
But, the pace we move forward to, the world that is into committing crime has also been globalised and they have also become interstate, he said.
“They have also become forward in technology, meaning we need to be ten steps ahead of them,” Modi said. He requested the chief ministers and home ministers to seriously assess the need for technology, going beyond the constraints of the budget as this technology will percolate the confidence of security among common citizens.
“We need to make our law and order system smart… My request is that please don’t weigh technology with budget (constraints),” Modi said in his address. Modi mentioned the police technology mission of the central government and stressed the need for a common platform as differing technologies of different states do not talk to each other. “Many states are working on it (technological upgrades) in their own capabilities. But what has come to the fore is that our technologies do not talk to each other and that is why our energy gets wasted,” Modi said.
He asked the states to “think with a big heart” about a common platform. “We should have a pan India outlook, all our best practices should be interoperable and should have a common link,” Modi said.
Modi also warned against forces that increase their intellectual sphere to push youth into extremism and distort the minds of future generations.
PM suggests ‘one nation, one police uniform’
The idea of ‘One Nation, One Police Uniform’ for police personnel mooted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday is yet another scheme of his government for a common policy for citizen-centric services.
This was suggested by Modi at the meeting, in which he also emphasised that crimes have become borderless and this needs a collective response.
“This is a suggestion and it may take five years or 50 years to implement, but let us at least start thinking in that direction,” Modi said, adding that “One Nation, One Police Uniform will give a common identity to law enforcement”.
Modi asked the gathering to consider the proposal as this will not only ensure quality products due to scale but will also give a common identity to law enforcement with citizens recognising police personnel anywhere in the country.
“States can have their number or insignia. ‘One Nation, One Police Uniform’, I am just putting forward this as a thought for your consideration,” he said on the second and last day of the conference.

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