Sunday, January 29, 2023

Poll announcement ‘slap’ on people: Therie

Staff Reporter

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president K Therie has termed the announcement of Assembly election date in the State in the midst of high public expectations of implementation of agreed political solution as a painful slap on the face of people of Nagaland and that every single Naga vote has been betrayed.
Addressing a press conference at Congress Bhavan here on Wednesday, he maintained that there was no greater betrayal to Christian society than the announcement of election date – February 27. He recalled Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s declaration made eight years ago that the Naga political issue had been resolved and also the assertion made by BJP leader Ram Madhav in 2018 “Election for Solution”.
Referring to Rio’s statement that his government could not allow a constitutional crisis vis-à-vis holding assembly polls, Therie alleged that Rio knew that the political solution would not be implemented and election would be held as per schedule.
It was for this reason, Therie said that Rio left for Delhi on Wednesday to please BJP and hold discussions to finalize the 40 (NDPP): 20(BJP) seat sharing, where he (Rio) would first let BJP pick 20 seats of their choice.
Accusing UDA government of being the “United Deceivers Alliance”, Therie said the legislators had been continuously assuring the people of paving the way in the event a final solution is arrived at, but had done nothing. He warned that as long as NDPP and BJP continue to rule, there would be no political solution and that “Hindu nationalists” would capture Nagaland within two to three decades.
He alleged that the UDA government had deceived the people of Nagaland by speaking in every function and meeting that it was ready to pave the way for solution. He pointed out that none of the 60 legislators had stopped assuring the people that they wanted an early solution.
Therie warned that when the State had such leaders, whom he termed as “traitors”, Nagaland would never get justice. He stressed that it was time Nagas took a firm decision on the ongoing political scenario in their land.
He mentioned said Naga people were expecting that Election Commission of India (ECI) would defer the election to implement the agreed Naga political solution, but lamented that the commission went ahead as usual.
The NPCC chief claimed that people were supporting Congress campaign and its agenda of being morally right and urged the youth and intellectuals in the State to realise their role to educate the villagers and the citizens.
He also warned people that unless they woke up in this election and stood together against giving power for another five years to BJP and NDPP, they would finish the Christianity and Naga values, He further cautioned that if the NDPP-BJP government returned to power again, they could even lose Article 371 (A) and therefore asserted that the party was ready to fight the elections in order to save the future of the State.
Therie therefore appealed to the people of Nagaland to be watchful and come together with God and make a decision in the Assembly polls to determine the future and faith of Nagaland.
When asked about ENPO’s stand to abstain from taking part in the elections, Therie said since elections have been declared, they had no option but to take part. However, he said they would see if there would be any development in the coming days.

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